My first blog vent!

December 3, 2009 at 9:48 pm | Posted in Daily Life | Leave a comment
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I am sorry, this is (hopefully) quite out of character, but I am going to take full advantage of my blog  for a little rant into cyber space…and hopefully to a few other mummies!

I completely got out of the wrong side of bed today, in a right huff as I went to wash the sleep from my eyes.  I’m not sure why really.  But as a result I’ve felt a tad grumpy, so here I am getting a few things off my chest.

1. I was covered in poo far too soon after the bear and I got up this morning.

2. I am hungry, freezing and tired but still at my computer.

3. There are some lovely Waitrose chicken thighs in the fridge threatening to give me food poisoning tomorrow because I didn’t have time to cook them…I am eating left over cauliflower cheese.

4. Husband and the bear are in bed – poorly again.  Our home seems to be infested with illnesses to which ony I am immune at the moment.

5. I have washed, dried and put away (I don’t iron) four loads of washing today, and there is still more to do.

6. I remembered to do the car tax but forgot the paper bill, the groceries, a birthday card and numerous other to do’s.

7. I wanted to finish my Christmas shopping in October and be super smug.  I vowed to finish it in November and be quietly chuffed.  Now all of a sudden it’s December….and I don’t have an advent calendar either.

So, fellow mum’s, if you want to get a few of the days niggles off your chest, please do comment!  I am definitely a glass half full person usually, and feel a weight has lifted after this little online offload….thank you!

Definitely half full


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