A Christmas Centipede?!

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Well it’s Christmas Eve already and the chaos is about to start.  I’m really excited because we’re hosting this year for the first time; we’ve never had the space before, but having moved in the summer, everyone is coming to us for Christmas and Boxing Day.

We’ve had a really lovely week lead up to Christmas.  Making cards and decorations at Baby Cafe, seeing all of the bear’s Christmas paintings that he did at nursery when he brought them home yesterday, and a trip to see Santa today – although only just; apparently Santa is only allowed to work until 1pm on Christmas Eve – trading laws!!  Being there at five past the hour meant a slightly less formal chat and photo outside the grotto.

I’ve just about crossed everything off my to do list, hence having a few minutes spare to write this.  On looking down my list I realised how much of the preparation is based around long standing family Christmas traditions.

I thought I’d share a few….writing them down, they’re pretty funny.  Have a brilliant Christmas everyone.

Sprout Ball

We don’t buy sprouts in our family as a vegetable that accompanies the turkey dinner.  We buy them for the Christmas day team event of sprout ball.

When played at my parents house this takes place in the kitchen, and crockery takes its chances.  Our kitchen isn’t quite as big so unfortunately we may have to wrap up warm and take to the streets.

Sprout ball is a rounders like affair and uses an empty Coke bottle (decorated with tinsel) as a bat.  You require a batter, bowler, fielders – and then the game begins.

A trophy is awarded for the team with the most runs.

The buffet trolley

I don’t remember when this began, however it has always been my responsibility to stock and manage the buffet trolley.  I’ve just finished getting out all of the snacks – crisps, dips, nuts, satsumas, biscuits and so on, and checking I have enough bowls.  Everything is loaded onto the wooden hostess trolley and wheeled around the house for people to enjoy a nibble or two during present opening in the morning.  Champagne accompanies this little feast.

Christmas Centipede

Stemming from confusion as to why I wanted to create a 100 legged decoration for the dinner table, I also have a role to play in the Christmas centrepiece.  An extravagant affair, this year I picked out some bright and exotic flowers from Wyevale which we were there to see Santa.  I also have some spangly silver robins and a glittery reindeer to add to the display.  Must make sure there’s room for the turkey on the table…and remember to get it in the oven in amongst the flower arranging.

Leave a comment if you have any quirky family traditions….have fun.


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