The (not so) big Mummy Blogger Survey results!

January 1, 2010 at 5:44 pm | Posted in General Advice | 2 Comments
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Hi All

So, a few weeks ago I posted a quick survey to give us mummy bloggers an insight into what we’re all about.  And here are the eagerly awaited results.

There have only been about 50 replies so far, and knowing from the BMB website that we are now in our hundreds, please tweet and re-tweet this link to get as many people as poss to complete the survey to give us the big picture on mummy bloggers.

Without further a do..

How long?

The majority of mummy bloggers have been at it for 3 months – 1 year.


60% of you blog because you simply love to write.  30% do it to keep a record of family life and 30% because they feel lonely or isolated.


The age split was pretty even across a range from 21 to 45.

How many children?

The majority of mummy bloggers have one or two children.

Children’s ages

The majority of children are over 1, up to the age of 3.  12% have teenagers.

Lots of us blog about funny stories

What do you blog about?

Over half of us blog about day to day life and whatever comes to mind.  A third blog about funny stories and milestones/development.

Hobby or job?

Over half of those surveyed see blogging as a nice hobby.  20% see it as a hobby with perks such as free products, 15% as a job and 9% as a hobby that could become a job.

Most popular

Top three most popular blogs to come in final survey results…

What would you change?

When asked what you would change about blogging, 56% said they would like more readers, and 53% would like to be able to write more often.  34% would like more comments, and 25% would like to be funnier.

Home life

1/4 of us work part time employed, and 1/4 part time self employed.  22% are full time mummies, 9% work full time, 6% work full time running their own businesses, and 6% study full time / 6% study part time.

I think the results are really interesting – it would be great to get a bigger sample size so do share the link!!

Full results when we have at least 100 replies!



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  1. Oooh I had forgotten about this. Glad to see that I am normal in most sectors!

  2. I forgot to say I tagged you over at mine! That might help you write at least one post… 😉

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