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January 3, 2010 at 8:13 pm | Posted in General Advice | 1 Comment
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There’s something a little worrying about one trait I seem to have developed since having children – the urgent, sweat inducing, must have ‘stuff’ syndrome.  And it’s become worse over Christmas.

I’ll start at the beginning.

In the age of online shopping, when the bear arrived, it was soon winter, short, cold days which limited trips out and about.  So what do you do – explore the bright and enticing world of shopping for baby stuff on the world wide web.

Because we didn’t know if we were having a pink or blue baby, we didn’t buy anything except the essentials before the stork made its delivery.

Ever since he arrived nearly 18 months ago I’ve tripped happily from one online baby boutique to another – clothes (shoes and hats in particular), toys, games, books, gadgets, recipe books, crockery sets, bath time goodies..you name it, I need it.

It’s different to the ‘I NEED that pair of Jimmy Choo shoes’ feeling.  It’s deeper.  Can retail therapy be deeper you ask?  Yes, I think it can,

The fact is, when it comes to your children, you want the best for them.  Of course health, family life, education and so on are the most important ‘bests’, but I think parents see this extending to material things also.

Image courtesy of Friendster

Veruca Salt’s father was a silly man but ultimately he wanted the absolute best for his daughter.  Granted, he stuffed it up royally and bred a spoilt little brat, which none of us want – but we do want to create a truly magical childhood for our offspring.

Now, we had a lovely village upbringing where we could run off and play all day – safely (those were the days).  We built igloos and go karts, we invented games like tied to the tree, and risked our lives on pulley slides lurching from the tallest trees. None of these special memories cost huge amounts of money, just the love and time of our parents.

So what is it that makes us feel like we have to buy so much stuff for our children?  I guess it’s a fear to overcome – a fear that if our children aren’t the best dressed, don’t have the coolest toys or enjoy the nicest foods, then they won’t grow up to be happy, healthy, popular, rounded, successful people.

It’s odd.  And like I said, it’s become worse over Christmas.  On viewing each present the bear opened, it sparked thoughts of other things he would really love, enjoy, treasure, eventually wreck – but have great fun with.

I am at the moment resisting buying a pair of very funky silver high top trainers for the bear.  He’ll grow out of them in 8 weeks, and really Clarks are better for developing feet….but they are so cute…and my mummy friends will think they’re awesome….

So is it about our self image?  What our friends think?  Rather than making our children happy?

If I’m really honest, my main aim is for my children to be happy and healthy…but it’s more fun if you look cute while you’re doing it.  Right?!  Or wrong?


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  1. Ooh tough post! I want my children to have lovely things, and they have a conservatory full lof lovely toys, which was restocked over Christmas. Yet today SnugBoy#1 has been complaining of being bored. How could he possibly be? I hear you ask. Your guess is as good as mine!

    What he enjoyed most today, was building a fort from an old cardboard box, with Daddy’s help, and having battles with toys with his brother, the outcomes of which were decided by the flip of a coin.

    So, based on that, it must be us who wants them to have these things – cos he certainly enjoyed that more than any of his toys today. Although he does really want a DS….

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