Girl Power! I can do snow, so far anyway!

January 7, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Posted in General Advice | 2 Comments
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I love the snow!  To be fair I love anything out of the ordinary, anything not planned for.  If there’s a possibility of a crisis, I feel like I could be the one to save the day (is that normal?!!).

Anyway, it’s snowed hasn’t it.

Snow is far better than any other freak weather condition.  Especially rain, as our estate has a tendancy to flood.  I feel it’s far safer to be snowed in that flooded.  My heart absolutely goes out to those who have ever been flooded – or have been stuck in cars/airports/shopping centres during the snow.  However, as a Southern softie, I am quietly impressed with my snow mole efforts so far.

This morning I awoke slightly disappointed that it hadn’t snowed more overnight, but also quite pleased that husband had made it to work and that me and the bear had to fend for ourselves.  I was ready to prove something!

Step one, breakfast, dressed and ready for the day.  I contemplated going out to assess the snowy scene in my new heated hair rollers but decided I need to wait another 20-25 years before this is acceptable.  I did however compile torch, blanket and flask – just in case.

Hmmm, am aware of the length of this post already and haven’t even come on to my triumphs, so I’ll cut to the chase.

The bear and I got togged up – no ear muffs for me today, can’t squash the Cheryl Cole curls.  No gloves for the bear – he has a hatred going on for gloves.

We ventured to the car on the drive way and I wedged the little man into some fresh deep snow while I tried to get into the car.  Slight issue in that I couldn’t even open the car doors.  I must add at this point the reason for the car situation.  I had two meetings today and being self employed I was absolutely determined to prove myself as a confident capable woman, able to conduct business come hell or high water (or high snow).

So, the door thing was a bit of a sticking point.  I also wanted to get the shovel from the garage to clear the snow.  Garage padlock frozen well and truly shut.

Back inside for cup of tea and re-think.  Back to car and sheer force opens the door.  The bear planted in passenger seat with kitchen brochures from door pocket.  I am now making progress and the remainder of my day consisted of….

– Husband has taken scraper in his car.  Clear snow from car with tea tray.

– Remember something about not going in first gear so settle on second and make it out of our ice rink of an estate, trying not to be distracted and take photos of tallest snowman you’ve ever seen.

– Made it to parents 8 miles away remembering not to brake hard and slowing uber carefully for junctions.

– Travel in tracksuit and Uggs, taking suit trousers and heels to slip into at the absolute last moment.

– Make it to both meetings, albeit the first one 30 minutes late and the second an hour late, but still.

So I feel I have made a mini achievement today.  I can do snow….so far anyway, I here there is a lot more to come?  I have milk and bread, I am ready!  And wine, of course.

Share your lady snow stories, have you dug out your car?  Taken groceries to a pensioner?  Do you know if tomorrow is the same I would really like a sledge.



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  1. You are very brave! I’ve been too scared to even attempt driving. I’m choosing to walk everywhere – including talking the kids to their childminder before I go to work…

    • I am tempted to walk everywhere now that I have my new snow boots, they are so cool!!

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