29 things to do before you have a baby – how many can you tick?

January 10, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Posted in General Advice | Leave a comment
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Levonelle® One Step the emergency contraceptive pill has published a definitive list of things to do before you have a baby.  Why 29?  Apparently that’s the average age for a woman in the UK to have a baby.  Apparently that makes me average then.

Top of the list is travelling the world, which beat buying a house or getting a career off the ground.  I am average yet again.

Here’s the full run down.

1 Travel the world 16 Achieve goal weight
2 Buy a house 17 Live or work abroad
3 Get married 18 Learn to play an instrument
4 Establish a good career 19 Get fit
5 Pay off their debts 20 Learn to swim
6 Become fully qualified in a profession 21 Run a marathon
7 Pass their driving test 22 Set up or run their own business
8 Establish financial security 23 Move to a new location
9 Save money 24 Teach at home or abroad
10 Take part in an extreme sport 25 Learn to horse ride
11 Own a car 26 Learn to ride a motorbike
12 Renovate a house 27 Publish a book
13 Fall in love 28 Learn to deep-sea dive
14 Learn another language 29 Climb a mountain
15 Establish a good social life

I’ve had a quick add up and can tick 15 of the 29 off the list.  Although, again I am average because travelling the world was the main one we made a decision to do before starting a family – I ended up coming home up the duff – believe me Thai cuisine – not great at 8 weeks pregnant.  Nor was the 13 hour flight home from Bangkok.

So, not sure what to put on my list next. Not keen on extreme sports. Husband forced me to join in and play volley ball in Fiji.  I hate team sports.  The ball hit me in the back of the head so I walked off sulking and went beach combing, alone, instead.

I have absolutely no natural rhythm, and whilst I love music, learning to play an instrument just isn’t me.

I think I’ll try my hand at saving money (must not shop, must not shop), and maybe have a second stab at establishing financial security….I’ll sleep on it.


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