My first meme – the life plan

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So, I want to have a go at a meme.  I hadn’t considered it until recently and I saw a couple and thought it tied in nicely to a post I’ve been meaning to write for ages (since a thought provoking episode of Hollyoaks since you ask…if there is such a thing).

I would describe a meme as a story, view, list or concept that you can share, and then pass on to others to write their version.

The life plan

The theme of my meme is the life plan and I’ve chosen to tag brilliant mummy bloggers Sandy Calico of Baby Baby, Emma of Mellow Mummy and Caroljs of New Mummy.  So, you’re it I guess!  Anyone else who wants to join in please do, I’d love it if you did, the more the merrier!

Here’s the theme….

When I was five the life plan was to be a journalist.  I spent Saturday and Sunday mornings lying on my parents bedroom floor while they read the papers, copying the articles out of the supplements, word for word.

When I was nine the plan was to be the popular girl…or at least be the best friend of the popular girl…or just be in the cool gang.  Oh, and to copy articles from the supplements using my typewriter, rather than by hand…and join the Blue Peter press pack club.

When I was 12 the plan was to get taller, much taller, get straight teeth and get a boyfriend.

According to a little book called ‘most invaluable things in the world’ which I wrote in on leaving school at 16, I listed friends, family and fun to be most important to me, with a later addition made for drinking, parties, boys, kissing, life and love (I think I was out-cooled and had to keep up with those who wrote sex and pot were considered most important).

When I was 18 my life plan was to get a real job, get married and have children, all as quickly as possible.

When I was 21 my life plan was to get a better job, get married and have children, but not with my current partner.

When I was 24 my plan was to use my experience to date to finally get a job in PR, marry and have children with the Mr Right I had finally met.

When I was 25 my life plan was to run my own business and live happily ever after with my family (I am sucker for the fairy tale ending).

When I was  26, 27 and 28 my life plan was to have children.

I met with someone recently who I consider a mentor when it comes to my job and he said you can’t just do a three or five year business plan when you have a family, you have to have a life plan.  Business goals and targets that take family, new arrivals, holidays and tummy bugs into consideration.  I’d never realised before how closely work and life overlap.  And that it’s ok when they do.

So, age 30 I am married to the man I met and decided was Mr Right.  We have a beautiful son and I run my own (small) PR company.  My work life balance is crap but I know it is and I try every day to do something about it.

Looking back I have fond and not so fond memories of how I got here.  I kissed a few (strange) frogs, made a few bad decisions (dropping out of university), lost a few and made a few friends.

What I’ve come to realise from doing this is that I knew what I wanted out of life when I was five years old.  So how it took 25 years to get here is beyond me!

The best bit out of those 30 years – the man I married.  It took until I met him age 24 to really find myself.  Curb my temper, let go of not so nice friends, feel happy in my own skin, and get on with enjoying life, believe I could be the boss, and know I could have children.

So over to you, my tagged blogger friends – what was your life plan over the years, and how does life now compare?


p.s. My top teeth are straight, my bottom ones are still wonky – I guess that’s a little bit like life, some bits look nice and neat while others are a bit of a mess…



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  1. I’ve known you a long time……and that’s probably the best piece you’ve ever written! xxx

    • Stop, you’ll make me cry!
      Thanks, it means a lot xx

  2. Wow thank you for the tag, this is going to take some time to put togther. Fantatsic meme and great post

  3. do you know, you look so familiar! Have we met? a great post. i never really had a life plan as such, I wanted to travel, to have a great job, to be successful. I never wanted to get married, settle down or have children. Things turned out a lot differently than I thought they would. But in a positive way.

    • I do get that a lot! We may have done, email me a bit more about you and we can figure it out! I LOVE the secret post club idea by the way, can’t wait to take part!

  4. Very nicely written.

  5. Great post and great idea for a meme. Thanks for posting this on my Blogging Memes group on BMB.

    I will start drafting my Life Plan post later today…


    • Fab and thank you, can’t wait to read it!

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