My Top Ten Freebies – A Meme – I’m tagged!

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Thank you to the lovely JumblyMummy at Mellow Mummy for tagging me on this great meme about the 10 top ten freebies – we must be in sync, both tagging each other on memes without knowing!

So onwards, a run down of my favourite 10 freebies, in response to JumblyMummy’s brilliant post – I’ll be investigating the ‘health in pregnancy’ grant by the way!

Here we go!

1. I’ll start with my trashy one – petrol station gloves!  I always grab a handful when I’m filling up, they’re great for putting the rubbish out or cleaning the bathroom.  Regular readers know what an Anthea Turner fan I am!  Clean, clean it must be clean….The bear quite likes cleaning too!

2. ASK buy one get one free vouchers – will be taking advantage of this one on Saturday – celebrating a friends birthday, pizza is probably my favourite food to eat out…as well as tapas….and a good steak…actually I just really like eating out, it’s our favourite hobby.  Oh, and the kids meals are really good at ASK, plenty of healthy options.

3. Two month free trial of full Virgin TV package.  I am a big Richie B fan, loved his books, and am a Virgin rather than Sky peep.  Am desperately missing Got to Dance with the girl from Pussycat Dolls and the dude from Diversity as judges now that our two months are up though!

4. Supermarket magazines – I love picking up free magazines, Tesco is quite good for recipes!  Waitrose should give theirs away.

5. Ocado could just be the new Waitrose!  £15 off first shop when you spend £60 (easily done!) voucher with Love Film recently.  Although not quite figured it out, can you not order loose fruit and veg from Ocado?!  Delivery arriving tomorrow, see how it goes!

6. Twitter, how could I put this as far down the list, really it deserves to be number 1 – the advice and support I’ve had on Twitter has been amazing.  When it came to the big nursery move, or not as it was, the emotional crutch was truly appreciated.

7. In following of JumblyMummy and her free veggies, I had to list the grow your own mushroom kit I got for Christmas.  I have been uber excited about this – three crops of home grown mushrooms, however ‘little white pin heads’ were supposed to appear about a week ago now, I am still spritzing to keep the soil most everyday with some hope remaining.

8. Skills swaps – last year I did a skill swap with an accountant – some PR advice for her second business, an online lingerie shop, in return for advice on how do to my tax return.  It worked out great.  At the moment I’m working with an illustrator who is designing some backgrounds and icons for my website, and I’ll help with some PR for his design business.  Win win!

9. Orange Wednesdays – really want to see Up in the Air is it?  With George Clooney, as well as Avatar so must get a babysitter (mum….!) and go to the cinema with husband on a Wednesday when you get two for one with Orange.

10. Smoke alarms – this is a brilliant one and has double perks!  If you phone your local fire station (or drop in because ‘you were just on the way to the swings) and ask, they’ll arrange to come over and fit new smoke alarms for you.  We’d just moved house and a friend tipped me off to this one, and low and behold the following week, two lovely firemen arrived in their fire truck to ensure my house was fire safe.  I did feel a little silly after excitedly going through my evacuation plan which involved jumping on to the garage roof and onwards to safety.  I got a little swept up in the moment.

So, there we are, my 10 things!  If you fancy carrying on this brilliant meme – tagged, you’re it!

Addition – 30th Jan – I’d like to tag a new Twitter friend Kate of School Gate Chic, maybe for a top 10 fashion freebies?  And to satisfy Emma’s childhood fashion designer dream (Mellow Mummy) as well as Victoria of Mum to a Princess -you’re it!



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  1. JumblyGrandma here! If you sign up for a John Lewis Partnership Card you do get the Waitrose magazine free – worth it for that even if you never use the card.

    Also Ask isn’t the only restaurant that gives great discount vouchers. Once you are on the mailing list, most chains send you one every month by email. There are some good lists of where you can sign up for them at

    Finally, I’ve tried mushroom kits several times and never had a single mushroom from them.

    Sorry, I don’t have a blog so I can’t take up the tag.

    • ooh thanks for all the tips, can’t believe I might not get any mushrooms!!! x

  2. I love your list. I didn’t know the smoke alarms were free… plus you get a bonus visit from a fireman so I will DEFINITELY try that when we move later this year!

    • I know definitely a bonus!! x

  3. Just wanted to let you know I just discovered your blog and I added it to my faves list.
    The first look to this blog is so impressive and gorgeous – full of mindblowers.
    Looks like an ocean of freebies. Really liked your posts.
    Added you to my favorite sites.

    • Was just about to log off and saw your comment, thank you for such lovely feedback, what a nice end to the evening!
      Sending a big blogger hug!! Will be checking out your blog too!

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