How to create a magical childhood…

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This week as my lovely Twitter friends will know, both of our two cars died.  Granted neither are luxury automobiles, and granted we never seem to find the time to lavish any routine maintenance on them, but still – after the nursery saga, a really busy working week and various other hiccups, we weren’t really expecting a puncture and an MOT to result in this level of chaos.  I am trying to keep the frenzied ‘what will we do’ panic at a simmer rather than boil.

This isn’t a car rant, it more got me thinking (not sure why), about the bear’s childhood in general.

When we were little we had a Ford Escort, a red one.  For some reason I loved that car.  Then we had a black Montego, again I really liked that car.  I don’t recall whether they were brand new, all singing all dancing, or just average family cars, but to me they were damn cool.

I can’t see our soon looking back at these two heaps of junk fondly, but it made me wonder whether it’s down to the imagination of the parents, not what you actually have, to create those special memories.

Maybe Dad told me that the Escort was a transformer in disguise, or that the montego used to belong to Rick Astley.

I’ve got really fond childhood memories – we were lucky that mum was of the stay at home variety – although she did a lot for the running of Dads business she was always there.

I started thinking after we became parents and husband talked about it, that it’s really important that your children have a really magical childhood, and that even though the bear is only 18 months old, we’d better make sure the magic starts happening pretty damn soon.

With plans to extend our family soonish, demanding jobs, a huge mortgage and a few debts, what if summer holidays go on hold for a year or two?  What if we never end up with the big house in the delightful village?

What if our children look back on average memories of their childhood?

So I’ve made a little list of my favourite childhood memories and it’s taught me a lot – the best memories, that I’ll love forever, are absolutely free.

– Arty stuff with Dad – like chalk drawing on the patio.

– Tied to the tree – a garden game invented by my dad where one is tied to a long rope and has to stop the others from getting to the tree.  A lot of fun, although the occasional winded stomach after forgetting one was tied to a long string and a tree.

– Table sailing – turning the table into a boat and spending hours sailing around the dining room.

– Home movies – mum and dad have just started editing the family movie collection which consists of many, many plays that my brother and friends of ours made – including Flash the Wonder Donkey…don’t ask.

– Hunting for Haggis – I spent family holidays in Scotland in amongst the heather trying to capture a haggis.

– All white horses are unicorns, did you know?  If you’re really good and look closely enough, you might just be able to see their horn.  So Dad said.

– Home cooked food, reading the Beano in bed with mum and dad, long walks, bike rides and everything else that’s important when you are 3ft tall.

The best things in life are free, I should have known that.


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