Product Review – Sophie the Giraffe

January 30, 2010 at 8:44 pm | Posted in Baby Care & Health, Baby Development, New Born | 2 Comments
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We’ve been lucky enough to be given the gorgeously iconic Sophie the Giraffe by 1 Two Kids Limited to test out as the ultimate teething toy.

Sophie is just adorable, I love her and was particularly excited about this.  I’m a sucker for the cutesie style of the original Disney movies like Bambi and this is what she reminds me of.

I felt the urge to force Sophie onto the bear and make him attached to her.  We’ve wondered in the past if his attachment to his muslin was down to us as we always put him to bed with one as a newborn, way before he was capable of forming attachments to toys (or grubby pieces of cloth).

However I needn’t of, as he was quite smitten from day one.  She now resides in the ELC shopping trolley which is the home of most favouritest toys including the squeeking eggs and the cobra from the natural history museum.

The one thing I would say is don’t be tempted to let Sophie venture into the bath, she’s not a water creature.  It took me quite some time to empty her long limbs of soapy water.

Sophie is designed as a teething toy and is French in origin.  She may just look life a giraffe but her body is designed for all manner of different purposes – her ears and horns to sooth sore gums, her long legs to get to those hard to reach molars, she squeaks to stimulate small babies, and the spots provide visual stimulation too.

She’s been around for years apparently and is a hugely popular teething toy, and in my opinion a stayer.  She’s lovely and I’m secretly chuffed that the bear likes her too.

Last bonus – easy to wipe clean, wish all toys were, the Christmas parrot puppet has rather a lot of muesli embedded in its fur.



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  1. I love it!
    During my teenage years, I amassed a large collection of giraffes and to this day, they remain a favourite animal of mine.

    • She’s gorgeous isn’t she! Now that our son is too old for a teether, she’s become an ornament on the bookshelf!

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