Have you got a smelly washing machine?!

February 6, 2010 at 11:16 am | Posted in Daily Life, General Advice | 1 Comment
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Somehow espares found out about my slightly OCD tendencies towards cleaning…how did I not know about this website before?!

Any-hoooo, I just spent the last 36 minutes cleaning my washing machine.  Yes it’s Saturday, yes the bear is asleep – I could be watching trash or clothes shopping on line.  But no.  I choose to clean the washing machine, I’m happy with my decision.

I followed the espares video tutorial and am now feeling super smug about my cleansed washing machine.

Although I failed to find the filter – bet mine doesn’t even have one or something, and Google drew a blank.  Even unscrewed the back to find it.  No luck.

So the floor is very slightly soggy, and I really should have changed into a slightly less mummy off to lunch and more cinders type outfit, but I am feeling super pleased with myself, and wondering what else I can restore to it’s former self.

Espares has spare parts for domestic appliances and lots of help and advice.  So rather than spending £60 on a call out fee next time something breaks down (usually washing machine day before holiday or lawn mower on first first sunny day of the year), then espares is a pretty good shout if you fancy being a bit handy.


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  1. fancy doing mine?

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