My little space explorer at little dude’s disco

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Today me and Grandma took baby bear to Little Dudes Disco in our little town of Abingdon – the theme was space explorers!  I neglected to read the details until this morning, slightly disappointed in myself that I hadn’t planned the suggested fancy dress outfit, and relieved that it also stated ‘optional’.

We arrived fashionably late.  Actually we were battling at home with a bowl of noodles being flung around the room.  We bundled into the car in – magic – bear’s silver puffa, a space explorer after all.  We arrived to a full house and the party was about to start.

I was excited to see a ‘real disco’ with lights and all sorts.  I got that school disco butterfly rush and all those feelings of waiting to be asked to dance rushed over me.  Did that really all start at the age of 18 months?!  Bear instantly headed towards the centre of the dance floor and we deposited our bags and coats ‘around the edge’ (the place that all belongings and parents hang out during this type of thing).

We were ready, with our party issue glow bracelets.  Let the chaos begin.

The whole thing was really well organised. It is aimed at over 2’s and with the bear being 18 months he was the youngest, but the games were easy for him to join in – walking like a space man and stopping with the music, stopping on different planets and collecting moon rocks.  I had a ridiculously proud mummy moment as he crouched to post silver moon rocks into the box that the organiser was holding.  He clapped afterwards and my heart lept.

He also had his face painted like a cat (sitting unbelievably still strangely), caught bubbles, danced under a huge parachute and played behind the curtains.

I was exhausted within minutes.

Highlights included the little girl who dragged him out from behind the curtains to ‘do what he was supposed to be doing’ at that moment in time, and the huge moon steps that he continued to show off for most of the time we were there.

Plus, there was tea and coffee, we happily paid our 50p’s, because of course no kiddy event is complete without a good cuppa.

So we’ll definitely be back next month – the theme next time is people that help us – I think bear will be going as a police man.

What I really, really liked about it was that it wasn’t precious.  Parents were allowed to take photos, there were no bumpers padded to every wall and corner, you didn’t have to clock in and out, sterilise yourself on the way in or have a background check, we just came, played and went.  Perfect.

Now, I need my bed.


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