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So, I’m taking part in my first British Mummy Blogger carnival.

Whoop whoop, I am excited.  I am, there is enthusiam here, I just spent the day in Ikea buying a kitchen, so a little jaded, but willed on by the hope of tickets to the newly rebranded Ideal Home show and a day of meandering around looking at uber cool housey type gadgets – and maybe some little niceties to satisfy my Anthea Turner like housework obsession (prior to the Ikea trip today I hoovered the house, stopping to empty the bag after each room to see how much dust I had collected….uh oh, I know).  Let’s move on.

The carnival theme is top 10 most surreal mummy moments, so without further ado here are mine.

1. The day our then four month old son learnt to roll his r’s better than the slickest Frenchman.

2. Locking myself out of our house, 7 months pregnant and trying to squeeze through a tiny window.  And then, proceeding to stop a mother with her young daughter in the street and asking her to post her child through the window and open the front door.  I had dinner guests arriving in 30 minutes…ok.

That wasn’t fitting through anything other than the door.

3. The vision of my husbands late grandmother who stopped by my bedside during my (endlessly long) labour.

4. Seeing my parents reduced to a soppy heap of loveliness each and every time they set eyes on our son.

5. The longest few seconds in the world when we thought our son had stopped breathing in the night.

6. The boat trip to Koh Tao we had to take 10 days after finding out I was pregnant across waves the size of skyscrapers.

7. The day swine flu came to stay, reducing our bright and bouncy toddler to a limp, sweaty cartoon loving ball of sleep.

8. Bathing our son by candlelight during a powercut one Christmas.

9. The first ever day of nursery, leaving our precious barely sitting without a cushion for support, muslin needing obliviously gorgeous son with a smiling stranger.

First day at nursery

10. Surreal, skin-pricklingly proud mummy moment – the day I realised that my son has far more natural rhythm than I have ever posessed.  Far from being the kid left at the edge during the school disco, our son shows promising signs of being the one who everyone encourages to dance.  They even stand around in a circle clapping and whooping.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 10 surreal parenting moments.  Thank you for lending me your eyeballs.  If I don’t get to The Ideal Home Show, can you get me a 10 in 1 grater or at least a magic towel that cleans any type of surface with water alone.  I love all that stuff.  And if Anthea is there tell her I have her book, I swear by it and yes I have bicarb, borax and baking soda in stock and I really do try to be the perfect housewife.

p.s. The bear is 18 months old and using a total vocabularly of hiya, tractor and flower, hence no chatter related surreal moments.



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  1. I love that photo – he looks ready for anything. I also like the idea of a candle-lit bath – powercuts often cause us to do things we wouldn’t normally.

    • He looks so young! I look back and can’t believe he went to nursery when he was so little!

  2. Aaaw great post and love your top ten! Thanks for taking part 🙂 x

  3. Isn’t ‘Borax’ something Russians use to poison their spies? But if it’s really what you want I’ll look out some at the Show! Thanks for drawing my attention to this one, I’ve just come up with my top ten. Love the thought of your disco babe, by the way!!

    • Eek I don’t know, just had to go and look under the sink and that’s definitely what it’s called! If I ever encounter a spie I shall ask!! x

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