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February 15, 2010 at 9:05 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Memes | 3 Comments
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I’ve been patiently waiting for Monday to roll around to post a Memory Monday Meme as inspired by Sian at MummyTips.

There’s one cartoon in particular that I remember from my childhood, not vividly, just one tiny clip from one episode (and I should add I’m not completely, 100% sure it’s from this cartoon, so feel free to correct me if you have any recollection of this!).

So, here it is ‘The Mysterious Cities of Gold’ and the best kids TV theme tune that there ever was.  Like Sian said about her YouTube link, click here to view, you won’t be sorry – Mysterious Cities of Gold.

The clip I remember is of the little gang of adventurers, after being captured by the baddies, being forced to walk on an eternal conveyor belt.  A lifetime of walking along a continuing track, with no end.

When I think of it, I think of the daily routine, up, dressed, breakfast, washing up, work, nursery run, dinner, washing up, chores, bed, up, dressed…..

It makes my life sound like that never ending conveyor belt!  So, I am using it as a little reminder of how fast the days and weeks go, and that rather than saying let’s take the bear swimming this week, let’s just go and do it.  Quality time can be difficult to find, so I pledge to grab it when ever I can to go on as many adventures as possible.

We may not find the other half to that elusive coin that they were always looking for, but we’ll find lots of other stuff – tractors, flowers and cars if the bear has anything to do with it.

I tag Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers and Margaux Nissen Gray at Shades of Gray, have fun!



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  1. Fab. So pleased you found a clip! And I have to agree – a top theme tune!

  2. I LOVED Mysterious Cities of Gold – I remember singing along karaoke style every week as the theme tune started 🙂

  3. […] from my generation it has to be Mysterious Cities of Gold.  From present day I’m quite partial to a cuddle on the sofa with the bear in front of Peppa […]

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