Calling all mums, want to earn £100?!

February 17, 2010 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Mummy Bloggers, Something for Mum | Leave a comment
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Calling all mums! Want to earn £100 for a 30-minute chat?  If you’re a mum with children under 11, or know someone who is, then Real People magazine would like to hear from you.   Each week we need one mum who needs advice and another mum who can give her advice. Each mum must be named and pictured with her kids, and will receive £100!

We are particularly looking for mums to discuss:

1 Children who imitate you/repeat what you say

2 Children with poor table manners

3 Grandparents who spoil your child (grandparents must also be named and pictured)

4 Children who fart in public to get attention

5 Daredevil kids (kids with no fear)

6 Dealing with moving far away

7 Can’t afford Brownie camp

8 Children who want to dye their hair

9 Children who want to use sunbeds

10 How to avoiding inviting children to your kid’s party without causing offence

If you or someone you know can talk about any of these topics, please call Sarah on 020 7339 4552!


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