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February 21, 2010 at 2:55 pm | Posted in General Advice, New Born | 1 Comment
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A review from guest blogger Lisa…

I got my Moby Wrap whilst I was still pregnant with lil’ Romeo and I finally get to use it!

Baby is just 6 weeks old and someone had given me a baby bjorn for my baby shower so I was spoilt for choice.  The last thing on your mind after giving birth and after those sleepless nights (ouch) is trying to work out how to wrap a 10 foot piece of cloth around you and make sure that your tiny bundle doesnt slip from beneath you.

Needless to say the first thing I reached for was the bjorn which anyone can easily figure out with a few clicks and straps.  The moby is not for the faint hearted of sling lovers.  Even armed with the instructions I still needed a video demo online to guide me through how to tie it up.  Once on properly the Moby felt much more comfortable  than the bjorn.  My only concern was that Romeo’s feet were inside it properly but with a little readjusting I soon got the hang of it.  The first time I tried the wrap I was at home and Romeo fell asleep straight away so I kept it on and did a few light house chores and made myself some lunch!

The best thing about the Moby Wrap is that it allows you to hold and carry your baby closer to your body which works wonders for breastfeeding mums like me. My only concern was mastering it and getting the baby in the correct position but once you have sussed it out its a wrap!


p.s We did just notice that there is a video you can download to show you how to use the Moby Wrap!!

The Moby Wrap was kindly given to us to review by Baby Soleil. We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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  1. They are much easier as the baby gets older and can hold it’s head up etc. I loved using my wrap with my two. so lovely to have them there snug against you.

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