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One of my favourite mummy blogger friends Emma (JumblyMummy) at Mellow Mummy has tagged me on this brilliant meme – what’s in my handbag!  I had this strange wave of over-excitement about sharing the contents of my handbag, why is it that we’re fascinated with sharing the details of our personal possessions?!  I guess our handbag contents are a snap shot of our daily lives.

So, here we go, this is fun!

My bag is Per Una at Marks & Spencers and I got it with some gift vouchers from my Grandmother (who we call Gandi!!  My cousin couldn’t pronouce Grandma when she was little!).

I take a note pad everywhere! Baby brains are still in full force 19 months on and if I don’t write something down straight away it’s gone forever!  We also have a list of the home improvements we want to do this year – kitchen is on the list for March and it’s being fitting on 15th, can’t wait!  October has one entry – a baby – so I think we’ll have to move that into 2011 considering it is now February!

The usual girly stuff, hand cream, lip gloss and perfume.  I love this lipgloss, it’s a Mac one that I got after my makeup lesson which friends got me for my 30th birthday.

I love these, my reusable shopping bags from http://www.zpm.com, they come everywhere with me.  There are three bags (the bag in the picture opens out into one of them), and take great pride whipping them out in the supermarket!

Gloves.  These are the most rubbish gloves ever, ever, ever.  They came with a black fingerless pair and cost £2 from Tesco.  The price should have alerted me to the fact that they wouldn’t offer even a teeny bit of warmth.

Am chuffed to bits with this, my new purse, a Valentine’s present from my husband….good taste, was most impressed!

Yey my new business cards from Moo! Just got 10 as a test to see what they are like and I love them so much I don’t want to give them to anyone!  I saw a poster for a local theatre production in a shop which was stunning so I tracked down the illustrator and he designed the back of the cards for me.

Battery for my camera, was going to Mum and Dad’s so Dad who is a professional photographer could help me with a work project but I went shopping with Mum instead!

Keys for my parents house.  I’ve had the pink one since I was about 12 I think.  My brother had a blue one.

My trusty Filofax, I wouldn’t be without it.  The first page has Jeremy Clarkson’s autograph on it – he was in a hotel I was at for a meeting.  He commented on how retro it was to have a Filofax!

My work purse.  I got it in Bali when we went travelling in 2007.

The flower brooch was about 20p in a closing down sale and the bracelet was Mikey at TopShop.

All essentials, some maybe not! Pen, tiger balm, earrings, button that fell off my trousers, another pen, hand sanitiser, bank card gadget and baby genie Moo mini cards.

Vaseline with aloe vera.  I take this everywhere!

So, that’s it the slightly longer than anticipated collection of my handbag contents!

I tag Yummy Mummy No 1, Violet Posey and  Susan Mann.  Keep the meme going! xx


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  1. what a well organised bag! And i love those bags with bags in things – such a nice idea!

  2. Thanks! I hadn’t realised that, I do like everything to have it’s place!

  3. tiger balm is a must have. My pot of tiger balm spent so long in my bag that I decided I should keep one at work and one at home. I love the purse with the pear design on it.

  4. 1. I LOVE the colour of your handbag
    2. Yay for the Filofax – sometimes I’m convinced I’m the only person still using one
    3. Aloe Vera Vaseline is THE best thing ever – I also use the rose tint one 🙂

  5. Wow that is such an organised and colour co-ordinated bag. I am not anywhere near that organised. Thank you for the tag, I will do my best xx

    • I am liking this meme alot, never realised I was cordinated and organised in my handbag contents! Maybe we should have a what’s in your fridge meme, I don’t think I’d do so well there!!

      • oh wow – great idea – fridges!!!!
        I’m not going first though!

  6. […] lovely Baby Genie has tagged me on this brilliant meme – what’s in my […]

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