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We had a fantastic dinner with some close and recently friends who we haven’t seen for absolutely ages this week.  Husband even went as far as finding a Jamie Oliver recipe and did all the prep for what turned out to be a gorgeous beef and ale pie.

I knew before our guests arrived that the conversation would revolve around pregnancy, childbirth and raising a small and demanding  baby, but what of it?  It was to be expected really, and there is nothing wrong with being a baby bore.

Me 7 1/2 months pregnant at our wedding anniversary BBQ

But what is it about having children that gives us that burning desire to impart little nuggets of wisdom on our soon to be new parents?  We act like we’re the only person on the planet that they know who has ever had a baby.  And we act like without our expert advice, they might quite possibly fail completely at being responsible parents.

During the course of the evening I animatedly:

– Approved their choice of buggy

– Instructed them to have the baby in the hospital – not at home with any new fangled water birth ideas, or at a cottage hospital with gas and air as the only pain relief options.

– Explained the importance of a good bedtime routine…I think I repeated myself about 18 times in reiterating that we put the bear down in his moses basket with Classic fm from the age of three weeks.

– Detailed the best ways of getting a baby used to sleeping away from home and possibly wrote down the make and model of our travel cot.

– Described the pros and cons of NCT classes, and warned against attending whilst emotionally unstable with pregnancy hormones having just pranged the new £17,000 car.

– Debated the healthy amount of television for a child to watch and the effects on their speech and development, condoning Waybaloo and In the Night Garden as thoroughly therapeutic (for mum).

I think I thought I was Mary Poppins or something.  But it happens every time I encounter someone pregnant with their first child.  They must see me coming and try to hide.  If I saw myself on video I would hope to hell that the ground swallowed me up and saved me from myself.

Is this normal behaviour or have I become baby mad?!  For these are not the rules, just my personal experiences.  I don’t for a second think I’m an amazing mum, there’s just something about having been through something this life changing, that a friend is yet to experience that makes you want to share it all.

Please tell me this has happened to you….right?!



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  1. If the subject comes up (and it always does these days!)then yes I do find myself telling others how I did things and I sometimes cringe afterwards! I think it’s so life changing and something that you can’t imagine until it’s happening that you just can’t help trying impart a little of your new found knowledge!

    My only big rule is to never gleefully tell expectant parents that they can forget about sleeping ever again and how hard it’s going to be. A few people said this to me when I was pregnant the first time so I always make sure I say that it’s going to amazing!

  2. I like to talk about labor, as soon as that subject comes up – I like to give my little insight into it. But when it comes to baby talk , I try not to say anything at all unless asked. It seemed like everyone had something to say when I was pregnant – it got to the point where I felt like people were trying to tell me what to do and trying to effect my discussions. I know people were just trying to be so helpful.

    • You’re right you do get bombarded by different opinions when you’re pregnant! I just can’t stop myself – I ask all the questions and then put my two pennies in!

  3. I’m the oppossite, I don’t know why. I’ll tell people what to expect if they ask. Sometimes it means I have a wry smile on my face or have to suppress a snigger such as the time my sister-in-law said she was looking forward to her maternity leave as it would be ‘a break’.

    • I think you’ve definitely got to be honest – especially about the lack of sleep, non-occurance of spontaneous moments and that you have to learn to breastfeed!

  4. This really made me laugh. My pregnant SIL and her husband came round for dinner recently. I’d had a bit of wine and started telling her all about labour. That killed the conversation!

    • It’s hard not to isn’t it! I dread to think what they thought when they left – especially as she has FIVE friends all due around the same time as her, some with their second, so plenty of currently pregnant friends to offer advice!

  5. I loved my pregnancy but couldn resist the babay booties X X

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