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For a while now I’ve been wishing for a wardrobe genie.

When I open the wardrobe doors, rushing to select a functional but flattering outfit, I wish for her to appear in a puff of smoke and tell me exactly how to team my old jeans with a cute t-shirt to achieve that kind of casual-cum-rock chic mummy look, perfect for soft play.

Or how to throw together leggings and a jumper dress with boots and look sexy yet laid back for dinner.

She hasn’t made an appearance as yet (she probably can’t fit into the wardrobe because of all the junk, I should have a clear out).  So in her absence, I’ve roped in a few people to help.

Where better to start than with the underwear.  I know after having the bear, although my boobs returned to roughly the same size, they certainly aint the same shape anymore.  Those were the days.  So, all of a sudden I had a draw full of pretty underwear that no longer fitted.  My bottom definitely increased in size, and while the Chung Shi trainers helped tone me up a bit, there’s nothing better than new, well fitting underwear to make you feel more yummy than slummy once more.

So in preparation for my first girls night away in far too long, I enlisted the help of the very lovely Christianne from Tights Please.

GIRLS NIGHT OUTFirst night out in a while….obviously.

There are certain essentials that you can’t scrimp on and a bra is one of them. I opted for the Gossard Superboost Satin Plunge Bra for a little va va voom.  And it didn’t disappoint!

Gossard Superboost Satin Plunge Bra in FuchsiaMe modelling the set of course.

This bra is absolutely gorgeous and fits perfectly, something extremely hard to come by.  It’s so nice that I hadn’t even unpacked it on our girls weekend away and my best friend and roomy for the night had spied it and named it for herself that night.  I am too good a friend.

Christianne also kindly put together some tips on choosing underwear post baby / nursing.  I admit to having humphed out of M&S several time after fittings and a distinct lack of pretty looking lingerie to choose from.

Casual day with the kids:

These are often the most eventful and hectic days with anything from playing football in the park to feeding the five thousand. It is vital that your underwear supports this and gives you a boost as there is no room for irritation on the agenda today. This is not a cue to choose the biggest pair of pants in your draw with that grey bra you have had for 10 years just because they are comfy!  After breast feeding boobs may have shrunk and gone a bit floppy (check). A good padded T shirt bra will come to the rescue.

Office wear:
The demands of getting you and the family ready in the morning are stressful to say the least. An outfit choice that can easily be adapted and put together is essential in getting out the door on time. The fundamentals include good quality tights, fully supportive bra and no VPL!

Feeling romantic:
If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to drop the kids at the grandma’s and have a night to yourself then you will want to make the most of it! Treat yourself and your hubby to a gorgeous lingerie set that will see you glowing and fill you with confidence!  For that added treat match an underwear set with vintage Style black backseam stockings.

Something Special:
Spring/summer is filled with special occasions, whether a family wedding or Birthday party which often requires you to squeeze back into that stunning dress you have been waiting to wear. If the baby weight is taking its time to fall off then the aid of supportive Shapewear is fundamental. Shapewear is a necessity to all women in helping archiving a smoother more slick silhouette.
Try Spanx Higher Power pants to give all the needed support from under the bust to the top of the thighs as well as being extremely flexible and comfortably.

I’m also trying out some tights impregnated (that’s the tights not me, please note), with caffeine which say they can take 2cm off your thighs.  Worth a try, might sleep in them!!

Hopefully Yummy Mummy Monday will be back next week with more tips and if that wardrobe genie doesn’t show then I’ll flinging on the perfect outfit before you can say ‘oh for a shopping spree at ASOS’.

The bra and tights, as well as a pair of gorgeous leggings were kindly sent to us by Tights Please.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.



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  1. Ha ha! Love the tights impregnated with caffeine! As the caffeine-free mama, would I be allowed to wear them!?

    Fennel is an appetite suppressant; doesn’t seem to work with biscuits though!

    The Mama

    • Hmmm, I’m not sure! I’ve heard that about fennel, I really don’t like the flavour, but I tried some of the Mama Teas and the baby show and there are some really yummy ones!

  2. Really love Yummy Mummy Monday, long may it continue! oh and if you find your wardrobe genie, can u pls send him over to my house ;D xxx

    • Of course! I hear he’s like a cross between Gok Wan and Michelle Obama!

  3. Oooooo, I like this! And those Spanx power pants things look great!

    S x

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