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Happy Saturday everyone.  Hope you are well.  Crap am I glad it’s the weekend.

So, I’ve had a rubbishy week this week.  The new kitchen has gone in woo-hoo, but not before a 5 hour Ikea trip to try and get our hands on numerous missing items, some of which did not even appear to exist on their system. Joy.

This followed by various work challenges and traumas and a very pink cheeked, snotty nosed teething bear up at regular intervals throughout the night all week.  And, when you’re camping at your very welcoming, supportive and tolerant parents whilst said kitchen is installed, the last thing you want to do is wake them up at 3am nightly to thank them.

But today I feel refreshed, we’re off to Stoke to visit the inlaws and my parents will have some peace – I made them breakfast in bed to leave them with a nice warm fuzzy feeling about us so we might be welcomed back in future.

So, having had such a manic week which ended with a three hour soft play extravaganza yesterday afternoon, including a few hair raising trips with two mummies clutching four children (don’t ask) down the ‘big blue slide at the top’, I am now blogging from the M40 using very handy mobile broadband to try and catch up and redeem my blog absence of this week.

Because I’m blogging from the car, having already waffled on for too long, I thought I’d tell you a little about our regular car journeys to Stoke and how we entertain ourselves.

–          We usually try and set off around 10am so the bear can sleep, arriving for lunch, usually of the pub variety with parents.

–          First stop petrol, monster munch and diet coke from the garage.  This is critical to the success of our journey.

–          When husband or I go in to pay for fuel, the remaining passenger beeps at regular intervals getting the walker to stop, turn and then feel humiliated.  This provides me with as much humour now as it did the very first time.

–          On returning to the car, the petrol payer finds they are locked out car.  They must then knock on the window whilst passenger rolls around inside in fits of laughter.  This can go on for some time and is especially funny if it is raining.

–          Once safely on the journey, ‘car games’ begin.  One long standing favourite is the food game.  We like food a lot, and Stoke weekends, actually most weekends revolve around what we will be eating.

The food game goes like this:

Wife ‘scampi, chips and beans or steak and ale pie?’.

Husband ‘Does the pie have puff pasty?’

Wife ‘Yes’

Husband ‘Oh the pie then definitely’.

Husband ‘Nachos with sour cream, cheese and salsa or a hot dog with onions and ketchup’.

Wife ‘How big is the portion of nachos?’

Husband ‘It’s quite big, like half a big bag of chips, bigger than the ones at the cinema’.

Wife ‘Hmmm think I’ll still go for the hotdog’.

And on it goes from there.  Try it, hours of entertainment.  Honestly.  I have just read this out to husband and I have tears rolling down my face.  He still agrees on the pie choice.

I might have to save the other game for another time, it revolves around inventing new genres of music, but takes a little explaining and for reasons I cannot fathom, husband doesn’t find it half as funny as me.

So have brilliant weekend everyone, signing off from the M40 junction 12 on a wet and miserable but very content day.  Bring on the beef monster munch.



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  1. Have a fab weekend. Sounds as though you an husband have an awesome relationship with lots of laughs

  2. yeah, I had a week a bit like that. late nights ever day at work, new rubbish boss, power cut on thursday which forced us to stay with the in laws. I found a bottle of wine on friday night and a full morning at the hairdressers/beauty salon on saturday and only then was I ready to take on the weekend.

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  4. Oh thanks for that. The image of someone rolling around the car in fits of laughter while their soggy partner banged on the window just had me laughing out loud…. must remember that one.

    • Glad it made you smile, makes me laugh everytime I think about it! xxx

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