Sunday Review: the curse of the purple towels and help for mummy hands

March 21, 2010 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Reviews | 2 Comments
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How quickly does Sunday come around?! Had a lovely weekend in Stoke with the in laws; revolving around food as usual; all you can eat Chinese buffet, party food, steak and ale pie, bakewell tart with icecream, and just about to start on the chilli with nachos and cheese.  For obvious reasons I am wearing stretchy leggings.

Anyway, I seem to be developing a habit of rambling aimlessly in build up to my posts recently, so back on track.

The lovely people at Method sent me some goodies to try a while ago.  As many a mummy blogger will agree, it can be trying of the very short patience of a busy mum when PRs ask you if you want to promote hemorrhoid cream, or maternity wear when you have a 19 month old – the cream, well there’s never an appropriate time to ask someone to test that I don’t think.

So, when Method got in touch for a second time, I welcomed them like an old friend with open arms.  Their PR girls are lovely, and are happy to chat with enthusiasm about ways to reduce the strain of housework and cut down on bathroom cleaning time.  Knowing my obsession with housework Anthea Turner style, meant that coming to me to review cleaning products was a match made in heaven.

So, we reviewed their flushable tub and tile wipes and the foaming sweet water hand wash.  I’ve been gradually replacing all of our cleaning products with Method, especially bathroom as I figured cleaning with bleach with babies is not a good combination.

The hand wash is lovely, it looks like water in the bottle but foams when you press the lid, being of the easily pleased mummy variety I enjoy this every time I wash my hands.  It also feels quite moisturising, and since having children I’ve suffered from really dry hands – I’ve never returned to the beauty salon that told me my hands were in an incredibly bad way when I went for a hand massage.  Bang went the enjoyment from my one ever day of pampering.

The wipes are great.  I stupidly bought gorgeous but deep purple towels for the bathroom which within a matter of days deposit a fine layer of lilacy fluff on every surface.  I didn’t feel particularly green flushing wipes down the toilet, however I am assured that they are natural and biodegradable.  I like the fact that I can wipe around quickly before we have guests in between major cleans – this involves a military style evacuation of every object not screwed or nailed down, and a thorough scrub down worthy of surgical approval.  I like products like this which make the day to day a little easier to manage – I can pretty much wipe with one hand and use the other to keep the bear from depositing toy cars into the bathroom bin.

Right, back to the Sunday night binge, where are those nachos.



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  1. I love method products and their handwas is amazing. Looks like water and seems to be as caring, but more effective. Never heard of their wipes so shall have to investigate.

  2. I love Method stuff – the tub and tile is my favourite – smells good and does the job. Love it!

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