Yummy Mummy Monday – Girls Night Out

March 22, 2010 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Yummy Mummy Mondays | 1 Comment
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I may sound like a broken record but I am SHATTERED.  I haven’t seen my eyes this blood shot since breaking up with Kevin my first boyfriend.

We’re back from weekend away in Stoke visiting the inlaws today; not before we stood and waited in the cold for step dad to rescue us after we locked the car keys in sister in laws house.  Cue much hilarity as husband realises it is my fault and not his for a change.  Yes funny, ha.

We’ve now moved back into the house after the kitchen was refitted.  Just finished unpacking the kitchen boxes and have abandoned the bags of clothes in favour of a little retail therapy.  Have also abandoned the wet clothes on the kitchen floor, shopping in the hall, and remaining miscellaneous flat pack in the lounge.

So hi there Monday, again,

The last Yummy Mummy Monday from ShopStyle was really popular, with looks created for a night at the cinema.  I put this to good use when I went to see The Lovely Bones with four girlfriends last Wednesday.  I was pleased with my chosen outfit.  I was slightly irrelevant when we appeared puffy eyed after the most inappropriately emotional film five women with young children, most suffering from sleep deprivation, could possibly have chosen.

Anyway, this week we have more great looks from ShopStyle, this time for a girls night out.  I have a few coming up, as well as my birthday.  A friend had a personal shopper experience at a high street shop as a present recently, so I am angling for a similar treat that I can enjoy from the comfort of my sofa.

I REALLY want the Nica Posie clutch bag.  I actually need it.  My life would really be complete.

Hope this provides inspiration for your next night out.  If you haven’t got one in the diary, start making some plans – I always think I’ll want to come home by 10pm, but a black sambuca shot usually takes care of that.


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  1. Lordy! i am sooo with u on the Nica Posie Clutch Purse, it is my new object of desire!!
    And u don’t have to diet to get into it, which is an added bonus! Your joke about the sambuca’s is so true too, I always think I’ll try and make a nice early exit before I go out, but a couple of drinks later and I am the dancing queen! ;D xxx

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