When daddy is favourite, the good, the bad and the tearful

March 30, 2010 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Daily Life, What about Dad? | 2 Comments
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We have a little boy.  A 19 month old bundle of fun, laughter, tantrums, cheeky smiles and everything else that comes with a small strawberry blonde toddler.

He’s a real boy’s boy.  Rough and tumble, trains, tractors, football – and it’s all about Dad.

It may be that I have had an especially rubbish week and am feeling a little woe is me that got me feeling a little left out, but having a son who is a complete daddy’s boy does have its difficult moments….

– Trying to get up the stairs with an arched back, impossibly heavy toddler screaming ‘daddeeeeeee’ at bath time while daddy gets ready for work.

– Attempting to distract a wailing child while daddy does something as simple as get his bag from the car – ‘he’ll be gone for 20 seconds, will I not do even for that short amount of time?!’.

– Trying to put wriggly son in high chair while daddy makes the lunch…let’s try that the other way around then.  Success.

It does also have it’s warm fuzzy moments.

– Watching small boy parade around the rooms saying ‘daddy, daddy, daddy’ at our wedding photos.

– Coming in the front door with son after nursery for the bear to call ‘daddy?’ expectantly.

– Watching my husband and son roll around on the floor in fits of laughter tickling each other.

– Knowing that when he’s poorly or tired, nothing is better than a mummy cuddle.

I think I may just have picked myself up and out of my gloom.  Ok so it cost me £170 to get the unleaded pumped out of my car.  Ok so I’m surviving on junk food because the cooker blew up.  Ok, bits fall off my phone every time I used it after the bear launched it.

But who cares, I have two very special boys in my life who I love.  And who love me.

p.s. I promise not to have another irrational mum tantrum, and definitely promise not to shout ‘well I must just be a crap mum’ again.  I felt a little wobbly.  Sorry Daddy.



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  1. Not a crap mum at all, just a stage. But it hurts non the less.

    I still get upset when mine favour one of us too.

  2. I love this post. From a mum of two boys, I worry about the day when I know they will want to do things with daddy rather than me. Just now my first born is a total mummys boy and that makes me feel bad because he always wants me and not his daddy. My 1yo is a bit of both but was a daddy’s boy to begin with so I can understand it from both points of view. It’s hard at the time to realise it’s just a phase, then you feel silly but it still hurts. Great post. xx

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