The Wineometer – anyone care to join me?!

April 1, 2010 at 7:47 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 10 Comments
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There is a lot of wine love going on over on Twitter this evening, and I am partaking in a nice glass (or two) of Chilean Merlot, anyone care to join me?!

So, this is how it works:

Add a comment and tell me what your tipple of choice is this evening – and even who you’re enjoying a drink with – and if you want to – why.

If we get 10 comments – the wine is flowing slowly

If we get 20 comments – it’s been a tough week, bank holidays are here and it’s time for a break

If we get 30 comments – what a sodding exhausting week, open another bottle!

I’ll start by adding a comment – to my own blog, is that sad?!

So, over to you mummies, let’s start the winometer!



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  1. I am enjoying a glass of Chilean Merlot, bargain £4.35 from the Spa! I am on my own, sadly – husband is out with a friend celebrating their having got the all clear after testicular cancer.
    I am enjoying a glass or two of vino because it’s bank holidays, I’ve had the week from hell, and wine is my favourite treat (as well as chocolate and a hot bath).
    Happy Easter everyone!

  2. I started the evening with a sicilian Pinot grigio but there was only one glass so now I’m on the vodka! Actually I can feel a cold coming on so should probably have a nice cuppa and an early night and get ready to take on the long weekend. Have a good one!

  3. Have drunk my half of a nice bottle of Isla Negro Merlot ( on offer £3.99 in the Co-op) Then ate the bar of nougat a friend brought from France so had to have a glass of NZ white to wash it down…..just a normal Thursday then!!

  4. sounds nice. shiraz for me please…. or G&T, or well anything really!

  5. My fave is Amaretto, not having one at the minute but would like one. Wine would be a nice merlot. Enjoy xx

  6. OK – so I’m drinking a South African Merlot – was on computer upstairs until realised it was 9pm and hadn’t had dinner. Hubby is in garage tinkering with motorbike and isn’t hungry. So just ate pain-au-chocolat and opened bottle of wine. Does that count as balanced diet!!! Drinking wine because that is my reward after busy week in real job while trying to find time to spread the word about my ToDoDid product (can’t give up real job yet tho!). Soooooo excited that we have a long weekend – extra day off on Tues as toddler turns 2 and we are going to Longleat for family fun (3 bdays on same day – 16 of us going!). Enough waffle from me – drinking to do!

  7. Half a bottle of Jacobs creek reserve Shiraz so far, been very stressful day!

    Wine is making me happy.

  8. I have HAD a bottle of French Connection Vin Rose. Right.. before you fall over laughing, this is left over from last week when I entrusted hubby to go and buy the wine…. hhmmmm. He brought back “3 bottles of red, love”. They were all rosé. They were all different “brands”. I looked at him – he knew he’d done wrong!!

    So, I’ve had 2 cans of lager too.

    I’ve finished work today for 10 days – but it’s only cost me 4 actual days annual leave. Yay for bank holidays!!

    You know from my tweets how exhausted/pissed off/stressed I am 😉

    So how many points have I got? Tell me, tell me!!!

  9. I had coke cola! Last Saturday night has put me off the drink for a month or two!!

  10. Half a bottle of 2009 Chablis,another half to go!

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