The Gallery: Ugly

April 4, 2010 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 9 Comments
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I’m taking part in The Gallery this week by Sticky Fingers.

The prompt is Ugly.

I decided to take part because I thought it would be easy to find a suitable picture.

I know you can’t see my face that clearly but as a child I really didn’t feel confident looks wise.  Mainly because I was so little.

I was tiny.  I had auburn red hair and wonky teeth.  I must have done something bad in a past life.

I was teased at school and supposed friends (the types that make your life hell but you worship for some reason), picked on me and encouraged others to do the same.

I felt ugly.

It wasn’t until I spent 2 very drunken chaotic years prancing about town with my best friend looking for boys at the age of 20 that I found my own skin.

I liked my petit frame.  My natural curls were short and bouncy and turned heads.  My teeth were pretty straight thanks to a trip to the orthodontist.  Life was good.

Three trips to a party holiday island later, and I met my husband who says he fell for me because I was a little, fiery and everything else that comes as part of the package.

So from ugly duckling….not to a swan but just someone happy in their own skin (well maybe not quite as comfortable as I was pre babies!).



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  1. That’s the problem with “ugly” – what we personally see as ugly isn’t necessarily ugly to someone else as we are all individual and exercise our own choice to like/dislike.

    I’m glad you “found” yourself 🙂 Great post x

    • thank you, it’s a nice feeling to grow into your own skin, I sometimes look back and wish I’d been more confident/happy being me.
      School would have been a better place to be!

  2. Glad you settled in to your own skin 🙂

  3. Lovely post – I can really identify with your tales of school/appearance woes. Am so glad you found the truth of your loveliness and became a swan. x

  4. Ah lovely post.
    And natural curls rock 🙂

  5. I was tuhe opposite
    the big one
    the fat one too !
    I have a wonderful life now
    Let me tell you something
    What made me laugh, on the picture, is that uyou are the only one wearing bkack socks !

    • Ha ha how funny, well spotted! They were probably my brothers or something!

  6. It just shows what we class as ‘ugly’ isn’t to other people. The best things come in little packages after all! :0)

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