My big, big wedding dress – a meme

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Ages and ages ago (sorry Emma!) I asked the lovely Jumbly Mummy at Mellow Mummy to tag me on her wedding dress meme.

So I am finally getting around to continuing this and will duly tag someone else!

Emma and I have lots and lots in common but unlike Emma, I was completely girly and ridiculously giggly and obsessive about my wedding dress.  Dress shopping was my first port of call – I was in my nearest news agents buying wedding magazines to browse for ideas at 7am the morning after we got engaged.  Bridezilla (of the nice variety) was born.

I tried on about 10 or so dresses, but this was the very first one I tried on, and I knew it was the one.  I stood on the box with a pillow stuffed down the back to make it fit.  And when they added the veil I beamed.  This was the dress I’d always dreamed about.  And finally I’d found a Mr Right to walk down the aisle to.

Finding my dream dress.

My dress was by Tiffany Bridal from Maid in Heaven in High Wycombe.  I bought the sample in the sale and I think it cost me £650.  Considering my Erin Cole veil cost £500, this was a bargain!

It is a huge, huge dress and I fell in love with it instantly.  It has eight layers of netting and I had a huge hoop underneath it.

I remember getting ready for the first dance in the garden with husband and (female) master (or masteress) or ceremonies, pulling it up and getting hoop straight – master was saying ‘Cat your boobs are showing!!’ (luckily no one else in view, there were chicken fillets in there too) – ‘I have to get my dress right, this is my first dance, it’s got to be right’!!!  Panic, panic – we had taken dance lessons and I couldn’t be tripping over my uber-big dress!!

My dress had lots of buttons up the back.  I have really vivid memories of my bridesmaids buttoning me in and feeling really content and comfortable in my own skin – I did diet obsessively for three months (not recommended) and ate mainly fruit and not much else, plus daily gym sessions.  God I was hungry.  A lot.

We got married at The Town Hall in Oxford.  I came down these steps very, very slowly.  I had visions of ending up in a heap of meringue at the bottom.  What I did find at the bottom was lots of Japanese tourists wanting their picture taken with the girl in the big white dress.

It was that big, this is me trying to get into the car.  It took several attempts.  I, having successfully remained calm whilst the bridesmaids car broke down on the way to the service, was not fazed.

I can’t bring myself to part with my dress but if you’re looking for a stunning full length (to the floor) veil by Erin Cole, decorated with Swarovkis crystals, make me an offer, or Ebay here I come!

Oh go on then, one more…

I tag the incredibly lovely Elaine Scott – over to you hun, my you know what buddy x



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  1. Wow wow wow. twoot twoo. You look stunning and what a beautiful dress. Not to mention the pictures they are fabulous. I wouldn’t part with that dress if I was you, I would wear it every week and feel like a princess 🙂 xx

  2. You look beautiful.

    I saw my gown in a bridal magazine. My grandmother somehow got it for me wholesale. Still cost a whopping $1300. (that was 21 years ago)

  3. what a stunning dress! You look just beautiful!

  4. Some lovely photos of you there, you look so happy. Isn’t it weird the way we try on several dresses but it often turns out to be the first dress someone tried on that is THE one!

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