Writing Workshop: The new skill I’d like to learn

April 14, 2010 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Work & Life, writing workshops | 4 Comments
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This is going to be quite a short post for this weeks Sleep is for the Weak Writing Workshop, mainly because I’ve been messing up working on the design for my new website (for my PR day job).  As a result it’s 22.39pm, husband will be home from work within the hour, and I get told off if I’m ‘on the laptop as usual’.

So this leads to the new skill I’d really like to learn.

I’d love to be a graphic designer.

I spent ages muddling around with images and backgrounds and stuff moving them about, trying to put the text in the right place, and making an increasingly big hash of it.

I work with a couple of designers in my job who I employ to do design work for my clients and I really envy them.  I went to art college to do graphic design when I left school and chose completely the wrong degree course, and left after 6 months frustrated with the daily life drawing classes.  ‘I want to learn to use PhotoShop and go into advertising’ I wailed.

I quit, I got a crap job.  I called my parents to confess what I’d done….and sound them out as to whether the financial support they were giving me would stop.  I was amazed to find that they didn’t immediately cut me off.

Becoming a drop out was a bad decision.

I’ve always been creative.  I’ve been through phases of making greetings cards, then jewellery.   My dad is a professional photographer.  I love taking pictures, I can take a few good ones but I don’t have the staying power to learn how to be better.

So, I’d love to be able to get all these good ideas out of my head and use them, be a real designer.

Apart from anything, I’d really like a little of that space in my head back please, as it’s far too crowded in there these days.

That’s the skill I’d really like to have.  That of a creative, talented graphic designer.

Wow that was quick, 10.54pm, night all.



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  1. If you want it badly enough, I think you will be able to do it. Good night!

  2. You’ll do it… believe in yourself.
    Love the picture too.

  3. I think life is too short to sit on our dreams for long.

    You should think about doing a distance learning course or something! or an introductory qualification at college!

    • I’d really love that, just not sure where to find the time!
      Something would have to give!

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