A poem about my (lack of) election knowledge

April 17, 2010 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Work & Life | 4 Comments
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For the first time ever I give a damn about politics,

Life isn’t just about merlot, shopping and chick flics.

We tuned in for the live election show,

Flicking over after 10 minutes; ‘there must be something else on you know’.

But I hear Nick Clegg won hearts that night

Whereas we thought, Lib Dem was a wasted vote, it’s a two man fight….right?

So as a mum, what matters to me – and to my growing family?

Paternity leave, good health care, and boring stuff like tax & VAT.

How do I know who can make life easier for me?

And is there any chance that great new changes will actually come to be?

How do I cast my vote when I don’t have a clue,

And where do I find, in plain English, someone to tell me what to do?

I’d like to think that every vote does matter,

so I am for the first time trying to absorb the political chatter.

They say this is the Mumsnet election.  Maybe so,

Mum, dad, single, married or not, it’s about bloody time I gave it a go.

I’d like some help in making my choice,

As a mum I need my family to have a voice.

If there is a little place,

Where each party has a space

Somewhere plain and simples

That can help me to swot up and match my values with their principles,

I’d like to know please, asap

As Britain’s Got Talent is on, and also I need a pee.



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  1. Loved this – I laughed and nodded !!

    • Thanks – have finally admitted than I have no clue!

  2. ha ha ha, i know what you mean. thankfully I can hide my lack of knowledge behind the fact that i dont need to know living out here. But still, i’d quite like to.

    • I am determined to become a boff on the election and make a well educated decision, wish me luck!

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