My Fantasy Shopping Spree

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My fantasy shopping spree

A few weeks months ago, I read Liz’s blog post at Living with Kids about her fantasy £1000 shopping spree and thought I must join in on this, I love dreaming about unrestricted splurges….then you come back down to earth with a brain shaking smack and get back to chasing o2 on the repair of your Blackberry and surfing the internet determined to find a cheaper cooker repair company.  Sigh….

So apologies Liz, and Josie at Sleep is for the Weak who originally inspired the post through her writing workshops, two months somehow disappeared – maybe to the same place that my left shoe, earrings and numerous dummies vanish to, never to be seen again.

Anyway, on with my £1000 fantasy shopping spree.  I’ll try not to get too carried away; the £11.38 I made on Ebay today is a far cry from a £1000 windfall.

1. Curtains. Yep, my life is that juicy and exciting the first thing on my list is curtains.  When it got cold last December I panic bought flowery curtains from Dunelm because the bare glass in our conservatory was zapping all of the warmth out of entire downstairs.  We’d sit watching TV with running noses and stone cold toes.

Husband hates them and I admit I dislike them.  I thought I was being a bit Cath Kidson, but they really don’t do our modern chic interior any justice.  They just look like the past owners hated them too and left them behind.

Approx £300.

2. Car repairs. Another essential, but along with the curtain issue, this too is starting to really get on my wick.  I have an unidentifiable rattle going on.  The garage already charged me £80 to fix it and it aint gone anywhere.  I’m wondering if I can blame it on a pothole and claim for the damage from the council?!  Failing that…

Approx £100.

3.  Me, me, me – Liz you went in the right direction so I’m going to adopt your policy and think about myself.  I would have my eyebrows done.  Do people who have naturally lovely and thin arched brows have the right type of eyebrows?!  Or can anyone have gorgeous brows?!  I fancy the look of threading.

Approx £10

Image courtesy of

4. Swimming costume. I have a Primark cossie.  If there is one thing you shouldn’t buy from Primark, it’s swimwear.  Every time I take the bear to the pool I curse myself for not investing in something more Speedo like.  Especially when my son bobs out of my reach and I have to lunge to retrieve him.  Need I say more.

Approx £20.

5. Shoes. Well not even new shoes, I don’t ask much you know.  I’d just get my existing and most favourite shoes re-soled and heeled.  I’ve had one too many wet feet recently after stepping out in holey shoes.  Adding in-soles does not work.

Approx £30

6. Outdoor toys. Now that summer is on the way I’d get a playhouse, sprinkler, water slide, swing, paddling pool and play tunnel to go with the slide which we nearly divorced over the construction of.  I can’t wait for long days in the garden, sun is good for the soul.  NB.  Garden toys are for the bear….mainly.

Approx £200

Bargain £20 from Outdoor Toys & Games.

7. A really, really, really nice laptop bag. I just want one.  Not overly girly or anything, just really stylish and super cool.  It would be life changing.

Approx £100.

8.  A really nice meal out. It’s my birthday on Friday and I am getting little whiffs that husband is up to something and he always makes a real fuss for birthdays so I’m excited.  If we had cash to spare I’d go to Le Manoir aux quat Saisons for their 10 course tasting plate dinner or whatever it’s called.  And drink a lot of very nice rose.

Approx £250

Yikes where did that go, and I’m £10 over.  Ok so I’d bet £10 on scratch cards, win £20, and then I’d be at a round £1000.



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  1. What a lovely, and sensible list! If you’re ever on the lookout for a great place to go for a tasting menu, I can wholly recommend Charlton House in somerset for a really special occasion. I have great plans for Mr B’s birthday next month – tasting menu at Benares (Atul Kochar’s place) followed by 5* London luxury.

    I would wholly agree with you on the swimming cossie thing – I always buy speedo but its hard to get them long enough for me!

  2. Only just seen this and have to jump in and say that threading is A.MA.ZING!! I get mine done at Debenhams in town for £8 😀

  3. kids love water slides, they go crazy about it _

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