I want to be rich, and I want lotsa money

April 27, 2010 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Work & Life | 3 Comments
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Last night I watched The World’s Richest Teenagers and Me, a documentary by Mark Dolan surrounding his visits to a number of the world’s wealthiest teens.  It left me wondering if people have such immense wealth, why can’t people like me have a teeny little bit of it?

So, I am embarking on finding out the answer to a pretty big question – can money buy happiness?

Today husband and I debated the sleepy ramblings I’d put down in my bedside notebook – scribbles I made after the loaded teens programme.  We concluded that if you are already happy, then money can make you happier.  If you are generally unhappy, then money can’t bring you happiness.  Let me know what you think.

In my notebook I messily jotted down several ideas in the dark.  My overall conclusion was that my day job, despite being self-employed, is never going to make me my fortunes.  And I don’t spring out of bed to get to my desk, or finish my day shouting ‘God I love my job’.

Me in work mode doing Twitter workshops

And after much thought, I am comfortable to admit something.  I want money.  And lots of it.

There I said it.  I’m not sure if that makes me shallow, ungrateful, despicable or anything else in between.  If nothing else, I suppose it makes me honest.

I’m in a very happy marriage and can proudly say that I know we have a strong, supportive and fun relationship.  We are also extremely lucky to have a funny, intelligent, and sometimes with that, a demanding toddler.

However, day-to-day it is purely and simply the financial aspects of our lives that cause problems and put a strain on us.

Yes, we’re trying for our second child and that is proving tough.  But it’s just not our time yet.  Perfect babies take a while to come along, so we’ll wait until it is our time.

I suspect that of all those who dream of making their millions, very few actually do.  Do you ever feel like that windfall or stroke of luck is just around the corner?  I do.

I also wonder what type of childhood memories we are creating for our son.  Not one of a huge garden to roam around in.  Not one of fantastic holiday adventures across the world.  Not one of latest birthday presents, the biggest parties or enviable clothes.

Having written that last statement it does sound very materialistic.  I do honestly believe that a budget camping trip on the coast can create just as magical memories as a luxury holiday in a French villa, however there are some things about the early years that you just don’t want to exclude from your children’s upbringing.

At primary school I was content in the background.  I wanted to be in the lowest group at swimming lessons because I could always touch the bottom.  I refused to be moved up a group in maths because it was with the head techer and there was a big blackboard, and they called out your name and had you answer a question on the spot.

I think that was all down to confidence.  Now I have 31 years of life experience and a combination of good and bad decisions have given me the confidence to be myself, be assertive, and go after what I want.

But what is it that I want?  What would my dream job be – and is there anything that I am exceptionally good at, or am I just quite good at a handful of different things?

So, how do you convert confidence into achievement?  How do you move from just getting by, to being a notable and successful member of the community?  And if you do achieve that, is there always something else, is it ever enough?

And in reality, can money really make you happy?  Or happier?

Some ramblings on wealth, success and happiness.  With no definite conclusion.

On a closing note, I bet Neil Armstrong told his mummy and daddy age 5 that he wanted to be an astronaut.  For the rest of us who are still trying to figure that out in their thirties, how do we take charge and transform our lives – and those of our children?



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  1. I think it’s about finding something that you’re better at doing than most other people that you also enjoy regardless of money, figuring out a way to turn that skill or passion into value to others that they are willing to pay for and taking a step each day down your own path.

    In short I mostly beleive it’s about *taking action everyday* towards your goals.

    • Thanks for your advice, it’s funny because I said similar to husband – the big picture is overwhelming so we’ve got to find stepping stones to get there a bit at a time x

      • It’s what I’m doing, so I’ll let you know if it works 🙂

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