The Gallery – A Portrait

April 28, 2010 at 8:19 am | Posted in The Gallery, Work & Life | 13 Comments

Seeing as I was talking about wealth and work yesterday, I’ve decided to stick with the theme.  Is it cheating to post two pictures?!  Hope not!

The first, below, was taken by a photographer for a big broadsheet newspaper, who actually shafted me on an article about finances.  Oh well, the profile pictures have come in handy along the way!  My cardigan wouldn’t do up – I was about 5 months pregnant here.

The second is a portrait of me in my office.  It was taken as a quick snap for a magazine looking for people with cool home offices.  Mine didn’t make the grade – I didn’t hear back.  It was a long shot.  Was just looking for a little pick me up!

This wasn’t the shot of the office BTW, just one of me!  Check out the frown line, too much time on the computer!!



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  1. You think you spend too much time in front of the computer??? These are lovely pictures; I wish I had some more of me. Especially of me the software developer – that’d be great

    • You should, why not find a good local photographer – or student wanting to practice!

  2. Aww these are such good pictures you are beautiful, but where is your red hair strawberry shortcake 😉 xx

    • Thank you! Unfortunately it’s faded over the years, used to be really red now it’s just brown!!

  3. Awww nice pictures hunni! 😀 x

  4. You are so beautiful

    • That’s really sweet, I’ve never had so much flattery in my life! x

  5. beautiful. Nice to “meet” you.

  6. You look COMPLETELY different to how I imagined for some strange reason!! Lovely pictures of you 🙂

    • How funny! Come on do tell, what did you imagine!!!
      Maybe that’s a good mini meme, oh no, not another good idea already!!!

      • LOL… I don’t know what I was thinking – you look quite tall so maybe not as tall… and I thought you had dark hair – that sort of thing…

        *stop digging, Nicola, stop digging*

      • Well you’re not all wrong! I’m not tall!!! I am a titchy 5ft 1in!!! Although if you go by the machine at the gym I’m 3ft 5in!!!
        My hair is naturally dark, in the first pic I was VERY blonde, not I have quite alot of blonde but not as much!!!

  7. what great photos to have xx

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