Undo, undo, undo, panic, restore, undo!!!!

April 29, 2010 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 4 Comments
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I am a list person.  A list for everything.  I like everything to be noted down.

I’ve always been that way but since an attack of the baby brains which started while I was pregnant and is yet to disappear two years later, it’s a necessity.

Therefore I have a spreadsheet for my blog where I list all my ideas.  These get transferred from notebook lists, purse lists, bag lists, bedside lists and filofax lists.  Oh and car lists, office lists and scrap of paper lists.

Just now I was doing a little file admin and absent mindedly copied the contents of an old folder into a newer one on my laptop.  One of the results of that moment of stupidity was the replacing of my beloved Baby Genie spreadsheet with a version from last December.  December!!!!  That’s not even this year.

So I’ve spent the last hour and a half trying to recover the file (thank you @tarab for trying to help me), without success, so I am now going to bed to sulk….and pledge not to use the computer past 9pm, it doesn’t seem to be a good option for me these days.

I was going to write a blog tonight but without my list I feel all at sea.  I don’t have good sea legs.

Good night.



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  1. a) That’s a brilliant idea to keep a spreadsheet – I might nick it. I am also a member of Lists Anonymous – love em – so a spreadsheet appeals to me no end.
    b) Bad, bad, bad luck on losing it all though. Argh.

  2. A few tears this morning, am such a geek! I’ll never remember them all though!!! Devastating!!!!

  3. Oh not good. backup backup backup to pen drive. xx

    • Have got everything backed up, problem was I copied the contents of another folder into it, and for some reason missed prompt to replace files and it saved an older version from last December over the top, gutted! Coming to terms with it now….ha ha!

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