My interviews with local election candidates Part 1

April 30, 2010 at 6:24 pm | Posted in Daily Life | Leave a comment

So, after watching the first live election debate and realising that I really must vote (for the first time ever I admit, tut), I contacted the candidates for Oxford West and Abingdon in the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties and asked for an interview on family related policies.

All three said yes.  Tonight I’ll be posting their answers to the following eight questions.


1. We took our son to A&E last year, and had to wait for hours in a corridor.  He was less than a year old.  How would you improve the NHS services at the JR?

2. There are some excellent facilities for pre-school children locally including North Abingdon Children’s Centre, how can you support these ventures moving forwards?
3. We work hard for a living, but sometimes it feels like my three day a week (self employed) earnings goes purely on nursery fees.  How can you support working families?
4. I am worried about getting a place at a good primary school for my son, how can you help me to ensure that my children get the best possible state school education?

5. I want to grow my business, whilst juggling that with being a parent.  How do you propose to help small businesses to grow and develop?

6. We live in a quiet street, but near to a busy area, so we really like to see police on the streets.  What are your policing priorities in the area?
7. Abingdon town centre has huge potential, and although showing signs of the vibrant and bustling market town it could be, needs more – what would you like to see happen to it?
8. What are your thoughts on improving household waste collections and encouraging families to recycle more?

Now that we have a family and schooling, health and local services are more of a priority, it’s more important than ever us to that our local MP will do everything he or she can for us.

I will be basing my vote on the answers to these questions.

Our local paper The Oxford Times will also be covering the story at the beginning of next week.


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