I see dirt….

May 5, 2010 at 10:00 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 17 Comments
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Yes that’s right.  It’s everywhere.  Dust on the TV, smudges on the windows, raisins on the floor, Calpol on the carpet.

That’s on a bad day.

On a good day the work surfaces look particularly buff.  The bathroom sink looks shiny, and the curtains are all hanging straight.

You see husband thinks it’s a state of mind; whether I think the house is clean or not.  He thinks it’s irrelevant of whether I’ve just hoovered, checking the amount of dust collected in the bag after each room.

I wonder if he’s right.

I’m quite house proud.  If someone came round unannounced I’d break into a silent sweat and clear washing up away whilst their back was turned; throwing things up the stairs out of sight.

I became the proud owner of Anthea Turner’s How to be the Perfect Housewife one Christmas, and I opened it with glee.  My sister in law disowned me on the spot.

Well, who knew that lavendar on cotton wool balls in the Hoover bag would make my house smell lovely.

When we moved house last summer, I declared that this new house, although bigger, was much easier to keep clean.  I even claimed that to be true with a very active toddler now throwing things at the walls.

I wonder if it is a frame of mind; we’re much happier in the new house, so maybe it just looks cleaner.  If I’m frustrated after a hard day at work, I come down from the office and the floor looks grubby.  If I finish at 5pm having just achieved something brilliant, the contents of the fridge look tidy, organised and appealing.

What do you think; are the things that bug us sometimes just a state of mind?

Must dash, just noticed some milk stains on the sofa.  I must be tired.



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  1. I had to comment because you sound exactly like me! I thought I was the only one like that too, especially the unexpected visitors part!!! Thanks for the giggle after a pretty crappy day :0)

    • Glad I made you smile, have decided life is too short to worry about it day to day, but was scampering around the kitchen this morning hiding pans in the oven when the builder came to put the worktops in!!

  2. Ooh that is so contentious. Admit anything and men will jump on you shouting that they’ve got the proof that the need to clean is written in our genes! (so they don’t have to pick up or wash up cause it doesn’t bother them). We have a cleaner who comes several times a week, so I don’t do very much – yet, I agree with you that it’s when I’m tired or grumpy that I notice the dust on the tv. But then, that’s also when I feel fat, when I think my writing is not going anywhere, etc. So yes, us women see dirt, but that’s only because it’s part of our daily lives to notice it. Men have negative days too, but for a lot of them, cleaning isn’t something that’s part of their daily routine, so it doesn’t come into it.

    • Just asked husband for a male perspective on what gets to him when he’s tired or grumpy and he said it’s things like finances, and that we still have lots of work we want to do on the house – although he did just have steam coming out of his ears when he saw that the bear has drawn in biro all over the sofa – I must be having a good day because I shrugged and said I’d get it out later!

  3. Never thought about it that way but I think you may have a point, now I think about my own moods in relation to outbursts about the cleanliness of the house, it certainly has some correlation!

    • Especially when you’re pregnant, my god I redecorated the whole house! I started touching up some paint work around the front door and it escalated from there – before I knew it I’d re-glossed all the woodwork!

  4. I sound so like you, I’m very house proud but since having two kids I can’t quite keep it as clean and tidy as I would like. As long as my kitchen and bathroom and floors are clean then I’m a happy bunny. It’s tough to keep it as clean as you would like, but if someone is visiting I’m a maniac with the cleaning products. I do like the cotton balls and lavendar idea. I’m thinking I may need to invest in this book. xx

    • It’s such a good book! I also have another called something like 101 housework tips! How sad!
      There are certain things that really drive me mad like dust on the TV or water marks on the mirror in the bathroom – if I’m moody it feels like the world is ending – and I want to move house!!!

  5. For me it is both, just like you say. But my MIL has two states happy or cleaning and guess what – yes she lives in a spotless house!

    • Ha ha! I do find cleaning theraputic sometimes, esp hoovering!

  6. I am so with you on this, in fact I could have written the exact same post (I too own that book!). My husband can’t understand why, when I’m at my most tired and stressed, I go into cleaning overdrive. I simply can’t relax when it’s a mess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a clean freak at all, I just like everything to look tidy and ordered. Sitting in a really messy room for me is like someone playing white noise in the background.

    • The white noise comparison is so true! How can you watch the TV when the side board is covered in fuzzy dust – it just sits there bugging you!!!

  7. Oh my! I have never put the two together but you are soooo right! How have I never realised this before?

    • I think this post has been a bit of a revelation!!!!

  8. If I’ve had a bad day the house definitely doesn’t get the pre-bed clean up! I also find that when I’m feeling positive things get done so much easier and quicker…

    • So true, you don’t mind unloading the dishwasher if you’ve got nice things to go to bed and dream about!

  9. I think we are indeed the same person!! x

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