My weird childhood obsession

May 10, 2010 at 9:05 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 7 Comments
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When we are little, there are certain dreams we have – dating Corey Haim, being voted most snoggable girl in class, having a Naf Naf jacket….

Well, I wanted to break a bone.

Preferably my arm or leg.

I’m unsure quite why this was, but during my early secondary school years, I had day dreams about it.  I imagined feeling no pain, my class mates overwhelmed by my bravery.  When the hospital confirmed that my limb was broken in several places, they would marvel over how this little girl was coping so well.

When I returned to school (quicker than most after being through such an ordeal), everyone would want to sit next to me and hear my heroic tale.  All of the popular kids would know my name and want to come and add theirs to my cast.

I still hadn’t broken a bone when my brother did.  He was about 12.  It was his his leg, and he broke it really quite badly whilst playing football.  Unfortunately it happened the day before my mum and I were supposed to go to The Clothes Show (another childhood dream – being ‘spotted’ by the More Magazine talent scouts – shame I was 4ft nothing with freckles and wonky teeth).

So I had a full on teenager from hell rant about my brother spoiling my big day out, to which he exploded back at me about my lack of sympathy for his extreme agony and thigh high cast.  That was a dark day.  And from where I was standing it didn’t look very glamorous having a broken leg.

I would have to do it in far more style when my time came.

When my time finally arrived I was about 22, had a busy job and lots to do.  I fell off my Irregular Choice heels turning to check a pigeon on the kerb hadn’t fallen into the path of an oncoming car.  Seriously, this actually happened.

I struggled back up, dusted myself off and hobbled inside.  It wasn’t until I woke at 3am with searing pain shooting down my leg that I thought something may have occurred during the pigeon rescue mission.  On inspecting my ankle, the delicate bone was replaced with a huge egg.

A trip to minor injuries later, and the next morning ‘a serious sprain’ was confirmed.  Not a break.  A sprain.  How boring was that?!  AND, I wasn’t allowed to drive for two weeks!  I had to keep it rested and elevated.  Absence without a cast, not good.

That phone call to my boss was a tad embarrassing – ‘yes sorry boss I can’t come into work for two weeks – I fell off my heels trying to make sure a pigeon was ok and I have seriously sprained my ankle’.  I was of course tasked to work from the confines of my sofa with elevated leg and laptop on a cushion while I healed.

So my injury came 10 years too late, was a kerb short of a break, and resulted in no cast, no signatures and no Little Miss Popular Girl.

Looking back, I wonder what the fascination was?  Having read back over my reasons for wanting to break a bone (and with it, possibly suffer future health issues and so on), I think they were purely for attention.

What have I learnt over the years – sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.  Maybe I wanted the sticks and stones to stop the names.  Who knows – who cares, I turned out happy in the end – even with fully intact limbs.

How ungrateful am I.



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  1. Nope – I get this – I always wanted to break a limb too and never did until I fell down some steps when I was 8 weeks pregnant. It’s still uncertain that I actually did break my wrist because I refused to be X-Ray’d – I just told them to put me in plaster “just in case” 😉

    If I’d ever broken my leg, I wanted proper wooden crutches and a little curved block of wood at the bottom of my foot (like a rocking horse runner).

    • Am so glad you didn’t break a leg on that ocassion!
      Why didn’t I think of that, I should have got a plaster – these days I could just buy a fake one on Ebay!

  2. I’m glad you didn’t break it! It’s one thing having your arm in a plaster cast when you’re child – you just get bored – but as an adult with a job and kids!!! My husband fell on the pavement a couple of years ago so I have some idea of what’s involved in organising your life around several weeks of immobility…
    Still, you must have been quite a special little girl to have quirky dreams like this!

    • Luckily it was pre children so not as bad as it could have been!
      Actually, my husband broke his foot, it was before we lived together and he came to stay and ‘recover’, I nearly put him on the train back home after a few days, he was driving me crazy!!!

  3. Sounds very much like an attention-seeking scheme coupled with your own curiosity to experience something that appears visually striking & ‘different’ – there’s always something a bit cool about the kid with a cast, isn’t there?.
    If you still feel any desire to experience what it would be like to have your leg in a cast – without the inconvenience of having to break a limb, even – are you aware of the existence of the ‘recreational casting’ scene? You can buy your own supplies of plaster or whatever & have your leg put in a cast for fun! Might be worth a try…

    • Ooh no that souds far too odd, luckily I’ve grown out of it, and have no strange desires now to be in a cast – especially a fake one!!! I feel a bit creeped out!!!!
      Oh and my mum just told me that I was infact about 20 when my brother broke his leg; but still had a full on teenage tantrum!

      • It does sound rather odd, indeed, it must be agreed – but it’s something that’s out there for anyone sufficiently intrigued & who hasn’t quite grown out of such a weird obsession/fascination..(must be an attention-seeking or perhaps comfort type of thing, perhaps)!

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