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May 15, 2010 at 8:50 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 32 Comments
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I’ve chosen this for the portrait picture, because it’s husbands favourite picture of me.

It was taken in Bali when we went travelling after we got married in 2007.  I was about 1 week pregnant but obviously didn’t know.

I felt really happy and relaxed, the weather was amazing and the food was great. I had loads of energy and had spent the day jumping in and out of the pool, showing off my swimming skills.

I was never a confident swimmer.  Husband taught me a good technique and now I love swimming.

I’m also wearing my Mrs W bikini which friends got me for our honeymoon.



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  1. ummmm, if I looked like that, it would be my favorite photo too.

    Geez-don’t think my body has ever looked like that. May I say I am jealous?????

    • I should add that this was prob a one off – we hadn’t been married long so had been starving myself on a ridiculous diet of mainly fruit, water and daily gym sessions!!

  2. Wow, Phwoar and Wow.

  3. Wow!!! You look super sexy 🙂 and the location looks fab! xx

    • I think the sunshine and black and white pic did it not me!!

  4. Ooooo, you look so gorgeous in that piccy!

    • That’s really sweet thank you – I think the light has made it look like a glamorous picture, I don’t look like this normally!

  5. Wowzers! what a total hottie ! x

    • I am feeling slightly embarassed now, only posted it because it’s one of few pictures of me I like!

  6. Just realised I was probably supposed to take the picture myself!!! I think I missed the self bit out, sorry about that…

  7. lovely pic and it’s so great because it’s really timeless to

    • Aah thank you, I feel like I should have just taken a mug shot, I better upload one to compensate!

  8. look at you… what a hotty!

    • Thank you BFF! You know what I look like really though!!!

  9. This is a real self portrait!

  10. Amazing photo, you look fantastic. I can see why it’s your husband’s favourite!

  11. I can see why it’s his favourite photo of you!! Great pic 😀

  12. I think I can understand why this is your husband’s favourite picture of you. Looking fab 😉

    • I completely didn’t expect this many comments, and am very touched! Thank you!

  13. Wow, you’re a fox!

    • I have never been called a fox before! I am very chuffed, thank you!

  14. What a beautiful photo, and you look fab!

    • thank you, that’s really kind x

  15. Hubba hubba!!

    You are one sexy mama lady! How does that man of yours get anything done? 😉

    • I have never looked like that before or since! It was just a lucky shot I think!!!

  16. fab pic. I think if it were mine I’d have it enlarged and put on my wall for bad body days as a reminder of what lies beneath

    • Ha ha, I wish, this was pre children of course! This no longer lies beneath!

  17. You can go off people you know!! LOL! Wowzers! All of the above and if I had a picture like this of me or anything close I would have a large print of it on the wall! I so would!

    • Ha ha! Like i said, this picture was a fluke, I don’t usually look like this!

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