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May 16, 2010 at 8:12 pm | Posted in CyberMummy, Daily Life | 12 Comments
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So, it seems after 18 months of blogging, there is going to be a little reward for my love of writing – I am on the eve of two days for me, on my own, by myself, just for me.  And I can’t wait.

Tomorrow I’m going to London to a She Magazine shoot for a feature about spending too much time online.  I openly admit that my blog and Twitter are a little lifeline, and that when my Blackberry, then my laptop both broke recently, I had little palpitations and wondered if it was comeuppance.

I did try to instil into the writer that I don’t compromise my time with the bear – we go out a lot, we do messy play, we roll around on the floor and tickle – it just means when he’s in bed, I put myself in the seriously at risk of RSI category because I’m on the computer all evening (unless husband is home, unless I sneak a look when he’s doing a pee), rather than relaxing.

I love to cook and put a nice dinner on the table every night. The housework gets done (because I’m a bit of an OCD Anthea Turner fan), but I don’t exercise, get my nails done or have early nights really.

So tomorrow, the hair, makeup and clothes will be a real treat.  And the bear will be with Grandma and Granddad so I won’t even have to keep one eye open for him climbing on things, eating things or hitting things.  I’m stupidly excited that ‘a car’ is collecting me from Paddington!

And as if that wasn’t enough, on Tuesday I’m doing lunch (doing not having) in Chelsea at My Hotel which looks gorgeous, with my fellow Huggies mums!  Huggies have sponsored 10 of us to go to CyberMummy and I’m so excited.  After the spell of breakages which extended to my car and the oven, I just couldn’t go, so they saved the day.

I’m sure one of the emails from Huggies mentioned manicures!  I have no nails,  they just don’t withstand my lifestyle, but I still can’t wait, squeak!!!!

I may never want to return from the big smoke after the next two days.



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  1. oh wow sounds fab, you will have a great time, enjoy the ‘me’ time and the photo shoot, i’ve set up some in the past with She and they always treat you well. Enjoy!!

    • Am even more excited now, better get to bed and get some beauty sleep!

  2. I can’t wait till Tuesday. In fact I keep bouncing up and down every time I think about it!

    • I didn’t know until the other day that you’re a Huggies mum, really excited to meet you! x

  3. Sounds fantastic! I hope you have a great time. Make sure you’re rested before you go so you can enjoy it!

    • Than you!!! Tried to get an early night last night feel pretty good today. Am excited !!

  4. Have a super duper time – I’m excited for you just reading it!! ; ) x

    • Thank you! Am having a fab time, sitting here with my rollers in! Mummytips is here too!

  5. oooh lucky you! 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic day, I’m sure you will by the sounds of it! Live it up!

    • Had a fab day, am on way home now, think there are some pics floating around on Twitter via @mummytips!

  6. well done! you looked fab on the photos, what a great adventure x

    • Thank you, it was really good fun – the rollers were definitely the highlight!!

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