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May 17, 2010 at 8:56 am | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment
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So usually I post my reviews on a Sunday, but I was a bit giddy with excitement about my two days in London last night, and I forgot myself.  By the time I realised I was stuffed with yum yums and wine and it was more than time to turn in.


Anyway, we have been really lucky to try out some dodopad products – being a list person these were perfect for me.  I can’t cope without a list – a work list, a blog list, a home list, a shopping list.  So any added element of organisation was good by me.

They have some great products, which are really quirky.  The first we reviewed was the dodopad Visitor Book.

I liked this because it’s a nice way to record the people who come to visit.  We had the inlaws, then friends for my birthday and it’s nice to get them to write a little message in the book.  You can add photos too.  It lives by the front door.  I may find a more prominent spot for it as I keep forgetting to ask people to write in it.  I chased my parents down the drive, realising after they left last time that they hadn’t contributed to my visitor book.

Next, the dodopad wall planner.

I noticed that husband has been writing in things on the calendar which is a first.  I think it’s because he has a night out coming up and he can’t quite contain himself.  He won’t be so excited when he has a hangover and a boisterous toddler to contend with….I reckon he’ll stay at a friends.  Wise move.

Anyway, this is great in our new kitchen, because it has lots of spaces for each day so I can add my work whereabouts, husbands shifts, social plans – plus the all important bin day, hoover, clean bathroom – if you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m funny about housework, so a rota is even better (funny though, it seems to be a rota for one).

In summary, I really like the dodopad products, they have a nice touch of humour and add even more organisation to my little world.  Which makes me happy.  I may be a geek, but I’m a happy geek.

Thank you dodopad.

The dodopad products were kindly sent to us to review by dodopadWe stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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  1. Dodelighted to read your review – and thank you! *Bows deeply*

    I Hope you won’t mind my saying but if any of your readers is interested in the 2010 Dodo Wall Pad (too long to wait till January 2011 to get started!), we have just a few left in stock and they are half price. The new 2011 edition arrives at the end of June.

    This link will take you straight to the 2010 edition in our cyber shop:

    Hope the husband enjoys the night out – hic!


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