The day I didn’t go to the Huggies lunch

May 18, 2010 at 8:10 pm | Posted in CyberMummy | 8 Comments
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Every now and again I do something really stupid.

Today I was the mummy blogger who scheduled my trip to the Huggies mummy blogger lunch in London to arrive at the time it finished.

Yep, I arrived (well, kind of burst in) declaring that I was the late arrival, at 2pm on the dot.  I should have been there at 11am.

It wasn’t until I was merrily on my way that I just had a little double check of the invite to confirm the address and I realised I’d just read the 2pm bit and failed to note the 11am bit in front of it.  By this time it was 1.30pm and I was just pulling into Paddington.

I text my husband ‘I feel sick, I’ve missed it, don’t call me I might cry’.

Then an overwhelming feeling of determination kicked in.  I will get there before everyone leaves, even if just for 30 seconds.  Luckily the lovely Emma (@methemanandbaby) intercepted my panicky tweets and alerted the rest of the mums and Huggies team that I wasn’t lost on the underground but had just made a huge, almighty boo boo.

I needn’t have stressed.  After I flew out of the not so near tube station and hurled myself into a taxi, was rescued by a very nice taxi driver who obeyed my ‘step on it’ movie like command, I arrived at the very lovely My Hotel in Chelsea.

I was greeted by Jen and James from Huggies who made me really welcome (although I was hoping to see a bottle of cold rose on the table after my trauma), and they were lovely.  I felt embarrassed about being plied with goodies (nappies, wipes, lotions and potions, and a very nice note pad to satisfy my stationery fetish), having only arrived for the last few moments of the day.

I did manage to say hi to everyone, and afterwards Emma, Vic (@Glowstars) and I went for a drink at a nearby pub – after I stuck my head in several caffs and swiftly left when they said they didn’t serve wine.  I needed something other than a soft drink still, despite having achieved my mission.

So thank you Huggies – I am the mummy blogger who turned up very promptly at the scheduled departure time.  At least you won’t forget me.

This is a sponsored post.  Huggies are my CyberMummy sponsor and (very kindly) paid for my trip today….and yes I do feel bad.



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  1. That is such a shame, but at least you made it. I can imagine how stressed and panicky you would be. I would be the same I hate being late, so much so I’m always far too early. Hugs for getting there. xx

    • Thank you hun, and thanks for your concern on Twitter earlier, you always seem to be there in a crisis!! x

  2. Glad you made it in the end and it was great to meet you! Next time we all get together again after Cybermummy I think it will be child-free and rose plentiful.

    • Thank you! Am so glad I was on my own, I definitely wouldn’t have made it if I was mum+1!!!

  3. At least we got to meet you in the end!

    • LOL just! And over a glass of rose, even better!

  4. […] week, a little package arrived just as I was heading out the door for the Huggies lunch, so I couldn’t wait to get home and open it!  Especially as it was so nicely […]

  5. […] arrived on time for the Huggies breakfast (after missing the last Huggies lunch I felt triumphant).  We ate, chatted and played guess the baby from the pictures we’d all […]

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