The real me – The Gallery self portrait

May 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 8 Comments
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Ok, so after just posting a picture of me on holiday for the Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week, I have realised that I hadn’t fully grasped the theme having seen everyone elses posts – I think I omitted to undertake the fact that I should have taken a picture of myself.

So now I am trying to rectify my mistake.

Here is the real me – a proper self portrait, or two, or three.

Me in my office this afternoon.

About to start dinner – left over bubble and squeek with sausages and gravy, so hungry!

Waiting for the sausages to finish under the grill!

So, that’s the real me – after a busy day at work, ready to put my feet up (or read a few blogs, hang out on Twitter etc).  Husband is on a late shift.  Anyone going to be watching Junior Apprentice at 9?!



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  1. Those are great photos and you have a really lovely smile 🙂 Also I really want your cooker x

    • Aah that’s really nice because I’m really concious of how I smile because I don’t like my front teeth, LOL!
      The cooker was here when we bought the house – it was a wreck, as was the house – it’d been empty for 18 months.
      My dad helped us to restore it to working order!

  2. You are beautiful. It really is nice to put a face to the words. You don’t look like Strawberry Shortcake at all, you are far more beautiful. Very nice pictures and a lovely house. xx

    • Thank you hun, felt a bit stupid having posted a holiday picture!

  3. I love that your hair goes from “professional business woman” to “yummy mummy”! Great pictures!

    • Ha ha, my hair was a mess by the time I took it down!

  4. I like your transition!

    Nice to meet you Catherine, if only briefly! Glad you got to chill out with a drink with a couple of the other Huggies mums after the time confusion stress.

    • Nice to meet you too! Look forward to seeing you at CyberMummy! Hope you had a safe trip home x

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