How am I supposed to know it was in that drawer?

May 27, 2010 at 9:37 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 11 Comments
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I have my Blackberry back, phew – mainly because it has a dictaphone and I can record ideas as they come, before my baby brain erases them from my memory permanently.

I was thinking the other day about the trivial things husbands and wives niggle each other about so I thought I’d post about it, as I’m sure others will be able to relate to this.

Husband annoys wife

– The dirty work shirt only makes it to the bottom step of the stairs, never to the laundry basket and despite leaving it there for a while to see what occurs, wife transfers it to  next white wash.

Image from Terwilliger911 at Flickr Creative Commons

– Wife cooks, husband clears table and stacks dishwasher but always, without fail leaves condiments on table, which would stay there forever more unless wife returned them to cupboard.

– Husband makes packed lunch for work and ‘tidies up’ leaving knife, lettuce fragments and splodge of butter on work top.

– Husband fails to send favourite niece birthday card despite numerous reminders and gives quick snuggling grovel before work for you to go and do the honours.

– Husband uses last of milk for ridiculously big bowl of cereal leaving nothing for much needed first morning mug of tea.

– Husband rants at lack of clean work clothes, and should definitely know by now where the washing machine is – and that he left shirt at bottom of stairs.

– Husband asks if there is anything he can do to help, just as you’re serving the dinner you’ve slaved away over for the past hour – alongside putting a wash on (his work shirts), setting the table, and getting school bags ready for the next day.

– Husband comes home in sulky mood, stromps around giving no indication as to why, but generally it’s your fault.

And being honest, wife annoys husband

– Wife has a de-cluttering session and re-homes the iron and ironing board in new more logical, however hard to find location.

– Wife tries to fix oven and blows it up resulting in expensive call out fee.

– Wife suffers morning of extensive baby brains and puts petrol in the diesel costing £170.

– Wife is still losing hair post babies and leaves it in the plug.

– Wife fake tans and usually smells a little of sugar puffs.

– Wife arranges meal out with friends on night when husband isn’t due home till 8pm and has to be up for work at 3am.

– Wife tweets about major milestone – the bear claps hands for first time and husband hears about it after 645 other people.

– Wife comes home in sulky mood, stromps around giving no indication as to why, but generally it’s their fault.

So what annoys you about your other half, and vice versa, do tell, it’s therapy!



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  1. Quite a few of those made me laugh with recognition. One of my hubbys most annoying traits is the mess he leaves in his wake after he’s prepared us a freezer feast of pizza and the like. It should be one of the easiest least messy meals but I can’t get into the kitchen afterwards for the piles of packaging and baking trays!
    What about me annoys my hubby? well, a good starting point would be right now when we’re meant to be watching a movie and I’m here instead!

    • I know how does that happen?! Same here, one pizza, looks like it’s been dragged across the worktops before reaching the plates x

  2. This is such a funny but such a true post. I’m sure we bug the living daylights out of each other at times but ultimately we still love each other. The whole men can’t put stuff in a washing basket must be a genetic thing. None of them can, it would appear. And woman are never moody just distant. xx

    • Yes definitely distracted! Not moody!
      I think it’s because we love them that we can have a little moan and know it’s harmless fun!
      I wouldn’t be without mine – we call each other gromit, brian, boz or boswell, who knows why!

  3. This is so funny! Hehe!
    The laundry thing is a big one in our house.. his washing only ever gets as far as a pile by the side of the bed.. Why can’t he just put it in the basket a few steps away?! Grr!
    Another one for me is the dishwasher – he only ever put dirty crockery on the worktop above the darn thing – never actually stacks the stuff in it! Grr!
    And toilet rolls! I am the only person in our house who can replace an empty toilet roll it seems. Oh no, you have me on a roll now, I will zip it or else I’ll be here all night ; )
    As for me, I am of course perfect *ahem*

    • I am of course perfect too.
      Toilet rolls now that is a complete mystery.

  4. Ha ha! I’ve thankfully never put diesel in our car by mistake, but it’s one of my biggest fears.

    My top one would be:
    OH playing on his PS3 all evening whilst I am out, and I come back to find out he has left his dirty plates/pans etc.

    Yes, I agree with being perfect too.

    • Actually that’s a good one! When they have loads of time to themselves, then moan that they’re in a rush to get out the door for work!

  5. […] Genie wrote about those moments any of us living with a partner can relate to in How Am I Supposed To Know It Was In That Drawer. Now, OH, where exactly did you think that basket of laundry was heading? And yes, guilty as […]

  6. Cor blimey! How long have you got! Only joking; but if I ever saw my husband loading the dishwasher I think he would be guilty of something. He doesn’t know where the washing machine is, or the vacuum, or indeed any cleaning items. Nor does he know how to use the oven, microwave or the hob. He can boil the kettle and make toast.

    CJ xx

  7. Sorry, should have said; and then there’s me! I don’t do mornings. Full stop.

    CJ xx

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