Huggies Messy Play Challenge – Sunday Morning Baking

May 31, 2010 at 7:46 am | Posted in Daily Life, Huggies Mums | 11 Comments

Welcome to the Huggies® messy play blogger challenge – I’d like to invite you all to take part, and to kick off, we had a messy cooking session yesterday morning and made sweet potato muffins, a recipe from my friend at Little Pong.

Decided to get the ingredients ready first, but then realised we’re supposed to be getting messy

Getting sticky with the honey

Wondering whether it’s too soon to taste test

Mixing in the ingredients

‘Adding’ the raisins

Playing with the flour (this is a first for me, ‘Mrs Clean’, I’ll have you know)

Cleaning up afterwards, that’s my boy.

The finished product, sweet potato muffins – they are yum-my!

I can hear you, I know, this may not look very messy.  But consider this a good start, for someone who isn’t very fond of mess – or organised chaos, however organised.

So if you want to join in here are the rules:

  1. The messier your baby is in the photo the better. (The challenge is cleaning up!)
  2. Post the photo to your blog with The Messy Play by Huggies Wipes challenge. (It can be an old photo or a previous post).
  3. Send a link of your blog post featuring your Messy Play photo to @Huggies_UK on Twitter or to participate.
  4. Check out to see all the blogger submissions and links to their blogs. Submissions will also be shouted out by @Huggies_UK on Twitter.
  5. The top 3 messiest entries will receive Huggies® gift packs of Huggies merchandise.

Have fun!



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  1. Oooo, thanks for the mention! Your muffins look yummy – I find grating the sweet potato to be a bit of a killer, but they are worth it…

    Think I will do this – Freyja ‘facepainted’ Theo’s arms for him yesterday….!

    • They’re yummy, uncle ate about three!
      Can’t wait to see your messy post, would love it if you took part! Copy the badge from my post x

  2. I dont like mess either! I tired to let Oli feed himself & make as much mess as he wanted for my post but he just didnt want to make a mess!
    Those muffins look fab! 🙂 x

    • Ha ha! It’s not easy when you’re used to being in control I need to loosen up!
      The muffins are so good! All gone now!

  3. I saw your pics on the flickr account, but had to come on over to see if you had the details of how to make the muffins on your post… hint hint 😉

    Looks like you had a great time together!

    • They are so good! They’re over on Little Pong’s blog, there’s a link in the post, they are so good!!

  4. I like to be in control but sometimes I let them make a mess, as long as I can clean up easily. Great post and the muffins look great xx

  5. So pleased it is not just me then 🙂 I really can’t do this sort of messiness…

    • I’m quite embarrassed by the lack of messiness in my post compared to some of the pics on Flickr!

  6. I’m another one in the anti-mess club – hubby makes fun of me for always cleaning things! Your little guys is adorable and the muffins look yum. I am still trying to figure out what kind of messy play I can do with a 4 month old!

    • So glad I’m not alone, feeling a bit better!
      4 months, mmm and she’s so gorgeous too, shame to get all grubby!!
      How about a girly messy pampering session – lots of baby massage, moisturiser then loads of talc!!!

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