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June 1, 2010 at 7:15 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 16 Comments
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I struggled a bit with The Gallery prompt this week – and spent a Sunday family BBQ taking pictures of condiments, glasses of wine, hats and various other tableware.

It just wasn’t happening.

So I had a think about what objects from around the house I’d like to dig out and say a hello to from the past.

I’ve just been furtling around in the loft and dug out my special box.

My special box is a collection of toys, trinkets, letters and photographs from years gone by.  I have a t-shirt signed by my class on the last day of secondary school, a very special letter my dad wrote to me when we fell out and I stormed off and moved out (in my late teens/early 20’s), as well as little bits and pieces I collected as a child.

So, for my still life challenge, I’ve taken a picture of my most favourite special box memories.

And, a run down of my special friends….(from left to right for organisations sake)

Charles and Diana Royal Wedding plastic cup

Hello Kitty chopsticks

Chic-a-Boo thumb sucking monkey

Yoda (with chewed ears)

Pink Popple

Elf fridge magnets

1st birthday badge

Half naked William with several fringe trims

Snoopy, my newborn toy

Olive and Popeye in their tin of spinach

Paperweight (from my dad or Gandi – my gran I think)

Little blue creature (found on a woodland walk when I was little)

Worry dolls

Holly Hobby room plaque.

So, there you have it, a little insight into the things that were important to me as a child.

Remember, take part in The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers if you don’t already, it can be really therapeutic.



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  1. aw such a great idea.. I had one of those monkey’s lol.. Its great that you have all that to look back on and remember 🙂 Great post xx

    • Thanks hun, been fun getting them out, favourite one is the one with the haircut!!!

  2. I’m gonna be honest and say that that is not what I expected to see when saw the title!
    Very cute though, nice to have a memory box 🙂

    • I did worry about that when I wrote it, yikes! Oh well, you’ll all arrive and realise how pure and innocent I am LOL!

  3. This is gorgeous and I even recognised quite a few of them before reading the list. A trip down memory lane 🙂 Jen.

  4. I had a chic-a-boo and had completely forgotten about it! Love it! 🙂 x

    • This is proving quite a nostalgic post!

  5. You still have a popple! I loved my popple. No idea where it is now. I had a Holly Hobby room when I was little. Shame she isn’t really about anymore. Great pictures. x

    • Holly Hobby is a classic like Strawberry Shortcake – hair appt on Friday by the way, going red!!!

  6. Please will you leave all of this to me in your will? Thank you 😀

    • Ha ha, and I’ve only just made my will, am I going to have to amend it already?!
      Thinking of setting them all out on the shelf in my office!

  7. Aww, love the Popeye’s Spinach, could do with that on a daily basis!

    CJ xx

    • Ha ha! I sneak spinach into most of our meals LOL!

  8. What a great idea! I had Snoopy. Loved him to death probably. No idea what happened to him anyway…. making me feel rather sad now.

    • My snoopy said that your snoopy is safe and well – you gave him up for a cabbage patch doll but he forgives you – he’s in a happy place.

  9. oh my, it is a very long time since I’ve seen one of those monkies! My little sister and I used to have them, got them in Hong Kong, we called them mon-chi-chi monkey. All those things are fab!

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