Flappy arms, crows feets and no hope…

June 13, 2010 at 7:58 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 13 Comments
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Ever get that feeling that you really should have addressed something a very long time ago?!

A few things have prompted this post.

A. The nice lady who gave me a heavenly facial last week stating in trés patronising voice that ‘you really need to start looking after your skin young lady’

B. Watching our wedding video a few nights ago and remembering fondly what a daily gym routine and verging on ridiculously healthy diet looked like.

So now in my early thirties is it all too late?! Or can I get my act together a knock a few years off?

The smile lines.

The emerging crows feet.

The tired looking hands.

The cracked heels.

Ok so this is getting depressing, but you get the picture.

Have I missed the boat of youth? Is it all downhill from here? Or can I still do something about it?

As summer approaches it’s now more than ever that you notice dry knees, flappy arms, veiny legs. Ten years ago I’d happily flirt my way to the pool side in skimpy bikini. Yesterday I bought a new swimming costume for our Haven trip – a bikini is strictly off limits, and I still feel a certain amount of dread at the thought of the swimming costume. It’s the main reason I take the bear swimming with my husband rather than friends – no one in a position to judge has seen me in that few clothes post children.

So, have you adopted a beauty regime later in life? Or have you always been one of those conscientious types to take your make up off every night before bed, as well as doing the whole cleanse, tone and moisturise thing? Do you fit exercise in with a busy parenting schedule? Or do you class running around after your kids as exercise? Surely the bending up and down, up and down to pick up children and toys on a daily basis counts?

Finally, if you have any five minute fix type beauty tips, do share. I have a feeling that Liz at Living with Kids might be a good place to start. Liz? Heeelllllllp!

If only I knew then, what I know now….

Or maybe I’ll accept being wrinkly and a little less firm in parts and just get on with enjoying myself.



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  1. Start now, cause otherwise at 40 you’ll be saying the same thing.

    Moisturiser at least twice a day and during day one with sunscreen in it.

  2. Oh, God, the wrinkles. I swear mine appeared as soon as I hit 31 – and I’ve been religiously applying various anti-wrinkle night creams ever since. They don’t work all that well though. I get a bit scared when I read magazines saying that you shouldn’t be wrinkly in your early-mid 30s.

    Every morning I wake up with a furrow between my eyebrows that I try to smooth out with my fingers. I think ‘furrowed brow’ must be my natural expression!

    My aim now is to minimise, not get rid of. I wear sunscreen and I don’t sunbathe. I wear a hat if I’m outdoors for a long time. And I still keep buying those anti-wrinkle night creams….

  3. Now I feel old. My biggest problem is spots at 32, not wrinkles but I always will and always have taken my makeup off. ONe thing I got from my crazy mother was the cleanse tone and moisturise drummed into my head. xx

  4. Oh you’re quite the little ray of sunshine, aren’t you?

    I went grey at the age of 21 so have been “covering up” for years now and I don’t intend to stop. I’m not sure how others see me but son #2 said that I need a new passport photo the other day because I look so young on the current one (it’s 2 years old – I’m heartbroken).

  5. LOL…..I don’t even go there anymore….enjoyed your blog:)

  6. OK my top three tips are:

    Always wear a sunscreen on your face during the day. You can get some lovely light ones and they’ll help moisturise as well as protect your skin.

    If you smoke, give up. Smoking ages your skin and gives you wrinkles round your mouth. It also accentuates crow’s feet and rots your teeth.

    Drink plenty of water.

    • Oh thanks Liz I knew you were the right yummy mummy to come to!
      Am starting to wear sun cream daily, although finding a nice light one would be far better that the factor 50 baby cream, it’s like glue!
      Am awful for not drinking water.
      I am an ex smoker and apart from the very occasional social lapse, steer well clear, so should be ok on the puffer front.
      Thanks Liz!

  7. Hi there,
    I have just read your article in She magazine and think you would be an ideal candidate for the Search for a Simple Star competition. They are basically looking for someone who can be the face Simple of skincare products and promote the brand online, basically through blogging, online PR etc… and after reading your article I think you would be perfect at it. You can find the details of how to enter here http://www.simple.co.uk/star

    Let me know how you get on and I’ll vote for you.
    Good luck

    • Hi Lisa thanks for the comments and idea about Simple; I did see the application but just haven’t had time to do it! Will have another look!

  8. I so know where you’re at. I’m in a complete panic about wrinkles (I blame them on being a mum). I have a particular frown line between my eyebrows which I hate and I’m very definitely considering botox to get rid of it. I spend a fortune on skin-care products (it is my weakness).

    I use a serum too and eye cream. A top tip is to use factor 30 minimum and sadly keep out of the sun – I’m not so good at the second bit. Who doesn’t feel better with a tan?

    One of my friends told me not frowning is the best way to avoid wrinkles – she has very few!

    • Ha ha, am going to try for the not frowing! Have been writing a presentation the last hour so sure I’ve been frowing the whole way through!

  9. Ah hope you get time to enter it’s a great opportunity and closes on 3rd Sep. Think of all those lovely free products.
    If you do go for it let me know and i’ll vote for ya x

    • Oh I completely forgot, will have to go and have a look at the application! Thanks for reminder! x

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