My holiday from hell – A meme (and Cybermummy here I come!)

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Good evening.  Placated husband with World Cup action whilst I do my last pre-Cybermummy blog entry – you never know I might become an incredible writer after tomorrow.  I’m typing at the speed of light I’m so excited about it – got to be up so early, but sure I’ll be full of beans.  Have yet to pack my bag, pick my outfit and so on!!!!

Anyway, back to business.

The lovely Susan Mann who I get to meet tomorrow has tagged me on a holidays from hell meme.  I am so excited about meeting Susan, she’s been a real rock for me since we started getting to know each other at the start of the year.  She’s completely selfless and just truly lovely.

Here’s my holiday from hell story.

My head spun as I tried to find my friends.  The music was so loud everything was swirling around.  In my younger years I had a habit of drinking far more than I could cope with to keep up with friends, then having to go to the ladies, and losing people in the process.

I eventually found everyone; the then boyfriend of a close friend to led me by the hand back to the group; his girlfriend initially thinking she’d spotted him copping off.  These were our days of dabbling with dubious boyfriends.

It wasn’t until we got back into the minibus, my head lolling, that the truth of the night started to emerge.  My then boyfriend was bickering with a friend of mine; goading her to come out with what she really wanted to say.  I could half hear what was going on.  I was focussing on the button for the hazard lights to try and sober myself up.  The cheesy chips hadn’t helped.

But I heard the next words.  That was for sure.

My boyfriend had been caught getting intimate with another girl in the club.  In the same club that I was in – lost, drunk, trying to find everyone.

We weren’t even on holiday.  I was due to fly to Tunisia the next day with a girlfriend – because my boyfriend had oddly refused to go on holiday with me.  I wonder why.

I fell asleep in the minibus with my head on the drivers knee.  He kept having to shove me over.  Who cares when your boyfriend has just snogged a random girl in the same club you were in.

So the next morning I tried to pretend nothing had happened.  He denied it of course; my friends were out to get him.

He drove us to the airport.

I spent the week smoking too many Marlboro Lights and drinking a lot of vodka.  My poor friend dealing with the occasional outbursts of frustration.

I had no intention of finishing it.  I was 21 and under the thumb.

To top it all, Tunisia was awful.  It was October, and the ‘busy bustling nightlife’ had shut down for the season.

We spent every night in the hotel because you got hassled by the locals and were at risk of being traded for a camel if you went out.

The one night we did eat out I found a dead fly and a dead spider in my ice cream.

We lazed by the pool but it wasn’t very hot.

We did paragliding but my friend slid out of the seat and was hanging on for dear life and whimpering with fear the whole time.

We played bingo in the hotel to calls of ’22, a little frog in a pond’ and ’66 a man with one leg’ and other random home made nonsense.

I can’t remember if I was glad to get home.  Away from the Tunisian way of life (we flew two days after September 11th by the way), or back to my traumatic life.  Which was worse?

It did end, eventually, actually it was 8 years ago tomorrow I do believe.

He was a cheating and manipulative man.  Saying let’s get a house together one minute, then throwing me out the next.

It wasn’t until I met my now husband a year later that I found myself and became comfortable in my own skin.

I was shy when I met that person, weak and eager to please.  If I ever see him again, I’d probably just laugh in his face.

That was my holiday from hell.

I haven’t tagged anybody because it’s getting late, I haven’t seen my husband this week, and we have a love film to watch – the reader.

Plus, I have to be up very, very early.


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  1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up and post a comment on this. You know I did read it. I was almost in tears when I read what you posted about me and I hope I lived up to what you said. I haven’t done anything no one else would do. You are lovely and such a good friend. xx

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