The Monday Review: Haven Holiday Roundup

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We were really lucky to review some great holiday products during our trip to Haven a few weeks ago.  Here’s a roundup of them.


It took me hours to pack for our short four-day holiday.  Mainly because I have a tendency to pack far too much.  But when the British weather can be so unpredictable, what’s a girl to do?  Plus, we had No idea what would be expected of us when it came to Haven attire!!!

Firstly, how do small children seem to know what’s in a box before it’s even been opened?!

Secondly, why couldn’t my suitcase have the Mary Poppins like bag qualities of the Trunki?  It really does fit a ridiculous amount of stuff in it.

We had a blue Trunki as well as the matching saddle bag, and it’s a great case and toy in one.  The saddle bag even has stirrups and a squeaker to warn mingling oldies to get out of the way.

This was a real hit with the bear and made packing his clobber really easy.  Because we visit the inlaws regularly too, this will be accompanying us on many a weekend trip.  If they did a pink one for grown ups, I’d buy it – saddle bag, squeaker ‘n all.  Would make airports far more interesting…can see a Trunki TV ad now, loads of parents scooting around on their suitcases.  Ok, I am a little tired and delirious.

Timmy Time DVD

This was a small god send.  We try and keep TV limited to a reasonable amount, if there is such a thing when you have a two year old, but when we got a goody box of Timmy and Fairy stuff (they are partnering together to offer a free Timmy Time book with every Fairy purchase), the DVD got packed in the entertainment bag.

Our caravan at Haven had a flat screen TV and DVD player so we opted for Timmy as our wind down companion before bedtime.  The plastic Timmy figure that was also included has become somewhat of a bedtime companion.  He is hard and plastic but seems to be much more of a favourite than the so yesterday cuddly monkey, Iggle Piggle or Pooh Bear.  Keep up Mum.

I have taken a distinct dislike to several cartoons including Driver Dan and the Story Train, The Mr Men and Mr Tumble.  Never mind what the bear likes, I need to remain sane.  And Timmy is on my good list.

Find out more about the Timmy Time book giveaway by clicking this link.

Wilkinsons Suncream

We gave an own brand a go on this holiday, and with all three of us being English Roses, factor 30+ for us and 50+ for the bear is the only way to go when the sun is out.  We had a scorcher of a week, so we were plastered in cream from top to toe all day every day, especially on the beach and by the pool.  We are all lily white and I never normally get my legs out, ever.  Nope, not ever.  So Haven had a little shock on it’s hands.  I nearly had to issue sunglasses.

The range of creams from 15-50 were all good.  They’re thick but pretty easy to rub in, and we tried a spray as well as a normal bottle, as well as the aftersun.

The aftersun was a little sticky and the suncream required some working in so that the ghostly white was reduced to a Daz white, but they did the job and we came back lightly golden rather than lobster.

The Wilkinsons suncreams also got the thumbs up from Which magazine according to a recent article in The Sun.

So that’s it.  We also packed a myriad of other essentials – but the one thing I wish we’d had, if such a thing exists, a travel set of patio furniture.  Anyone know of such a thing?!

The Trunki was kindly sent to us by  The Timmy Time DVD was sent as part of the Fairy Timmy Time promotion. The suncream was sent to us by Wilkinsons.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products and services that we truly, truly love.


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