What is your earliest childhood memory? Here are mine….

July 25, 2010 at 7:59 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 3 Comments
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I wrote 10 questions for the lovely Paula at Dipping my Toe In the other day, and one of them was ‘what is your earliest memory’, which got me thinking about mine.

Out came the family albums – these are my earliest memories.  Please do join in by leaving yours as comments – or if it takes your fancy, writing your own post about it.

These are all from around the age of two and a half.

I remember eating icicles off the thatched roof in winter.  I remember being in the upstairs bedroom with my dad, snapping them off and eating them like lollies.  I thought it was the most exciting and magical thing in the world, and that no one else knew you could do it.

I remember my Grandma staying with me in the kitchen when my mum went into hospital to have my little brother.  I have distant memories of thinking how high up the Rice Krispies were and that I was hungry.

I remember my friend Simon (with the crazy hair) and playing in the garden.

I also remember putting my arm down mole hills, right up to the armpit, to try and catch a mole.  I however was about 10 at this time.

Do share your memories if you want to.  I got to thinking about what age you start forming lasting memories, and with the bear turning two in a week, I want him to look back and have as many memories of adventures as I did.



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  1. Such a lovely memory. I remember my christening, I was two and one of my mum’s friends kids gave me a marble I put in my mouth. Lots of shouting occured after that lol. x

  2. I love hearing about other people’s memories.
    I’m going to steal this idea and post my own over on my blog – thanks for the inspiration during a “dry spell” x

    • Go for it,very pleased to inspire!
      Can’t wait to read it!

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