The Monday Review: we’ve got nice Pearly Whites!

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This week, tooth whitening products, and I’m accompanied by the lovely Keira from Mamascarf! Keira is a fellow finalist in the Remote Worker awards!

We had four products lined up for four testers but sadly two PRs just disappeared…..c’est la vie!  So here we go!

Rapid White 2 week tooth whitening system RRP £19.99 from Boots


Testing courtesy of moi! I’ve wanted to try a tooth whitening kit forever so I was excited about this.

It comes with a chart to see what shade your teeth are, mine were about a four out of 16 so not bad.

I used the accelerator stick (like a liquid pen with a sponge tip), followed by the gum shield filled with a gel, then finally a whitening toothpaste.

The accelerator would be easier to apply if it was a brush and liquid but no complaints about ease of use.

Over a 2 week period my teeth have improved by two shades and are definitely noticeably whiter.  You leave the gum thingy in for 5-10 minutes so I did it in the shower – you really can’t talk so don’t do it when you’re likely to need to shout pre-school or nursery run commands to hurry small children along in the morning!

I gave this 8/10 because it definitely works – I think it’s great value for £19.99 and would recommend to friends.

White Glo Pro Choice – RRP £3.99 from Boots


Courtesy of Keira of Mamascarf.

The marketing stuff said that this was all the rage with Australian actors and film stars. Well if it’s good enough for the cast of Neighbours…

I usually use an electric toothbrush, however this came with a special toothbrush with thick and dense bristles and said for best results it should be used with the brush, so I sacrificed my Sonicare for a few weeks. I actually took a picture of my teeth at the beginning (3 weeks ago) and my teeth are actually whiter now. Even my husband noticed and he doesn’t usually notice these things.  So there you go, it actually works and it’s cheap as chips.

??? – RRP £?.?? From ???

Do you have any tooth whitening product reviews to add to the mix?  Two out of four aint bad but it would be great to have a few more to compare to!

This is a sponsored post.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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