Who would you put on the naughty step

August 10, 2010 at 7:55 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Memes | 9 Comments
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I’ve been making numerous apologies of late for frankly quite inappropriate delays in responding to tags and memes.

And I’ve been saying Twitter is quiet because it’s summer hols….more likely because I’ve been so crap, I’ve got no friends left!!

Anyway, I like this one, and finally – thank you lovely Rosie Scribble for tagging me – it was great to meet you at CyberMummy, hopefully next time it will be for longer!

I’ve thought really, really hard about this – and I would like to put Usher on the naughty step – yes you ‘uh uh uh oh, uh uh uh oh my gosh’ Usher – you.

Courtesy of watchesonnet.com

Here are my reasons – first of all have a listen to Usher Oh My Gosh here if you want to get into the mood and imagine my story…

– I was at a friend’s wedding on Saturday and started drinking rather sizeable glasses of rose in the summer sun considerably early on in the day.

– My day somehow evolved into consumption of red wine during the meal.

– I do not dance.  If I do, I do it with complete disregard for rhythm or others around me.

– I had a little champagne.

– I stood on the edge of the dance floor and wiggled just very slightly.

– I ventured towards the dance floor.  And retreated again to the safety of adult conversation.

– We don’t have many big nights out.  We have a 2 year old.

– I did a little foot tapping, and returned to my conversation.

– And then THIS song came on I fell into some crazy body popping frenzy and could. not. stop.

– I sang all of the words, out loud.

– I woke on Sunday morning with a sore head and a very large Usher shaped cloud hanging over me.

– I am NEVER drinking in the company of Usher again.  I swear.

So Usher, you stay on the naughty step until I’ve felt good and sorry for my incredible street dance 7: step up to the wedding dance floor stunt.

I tag the lovely Paula over at Battling On.  Over to you.



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  1. Brilliant! If only someone had videoed it! It reminds me of the sort of thing I would do given, oh about half a glass of wine. Motherhood has turned me into a lightweight!

  2. I should have known better, having seen real video footage of me at a wedding a few years ago – I was wearing a pink and white dress and a feathery fascinator – I looked like a 7 year old girl trying to join in with the grown ups – I also looked like I was pretending to be a chicken.

  3. A little champagne? You are either a bit of a fibber or a very cheap date 😉

    • It wasn’t the little bit of champagne that was the issue, it was the copious amount of wine consumed either side!

  4. lol that is so funny. I can just imagine you up there bopping about. 🙂 xx

  5. […] add that as well as being tone deaf, I have a complete lack of cordination (if you missed the Usher post, laugh at my body popping misfortune if you […]

  6. LOLOL!! I really am giggling at the picture you’ve just painted! I’m terrible for memes and tags, most people have given up on me completely so thank you for this. I’m giving it some consideration, but in the meantime I’m going to think about your drunken dancing for just a little while longer 😉 xx

  7. P.S Just come back to say, I’m playing the song, I’ve had one pear cider….my arms are doing very strange things. You have my utmost sympathy ;)xx

    • Am glad you have lived the moment for me – never again!!!!

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