Monday Review: Anti wrinkle and skin care round-up

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This week we have a little round up of anti-wrinkle / anti aging treatments – if you’re anything like me, you look back at pre-children photographs and wonder just how you aged so quickly over the past few years (full of the joys aren’t I!).

So here goes.

New Boots Skin Perfection Plus (£19.99, 60 capsules)


I tried these and have been taking the two capsules daily for about a month.  I’ve never suffered from bad skin, but my face definitely looks slightly dull and lack-lustre since having a baby.  I wanted a bit of a glow back, without the falseness of fake tan.

My skin looks fuller and plumper (not chubby I should add).  It generally looks healthier and has a nice glow.  The biggest difference I’ve noticed is first thing in the morning; I don’t look washed out, I look healthy and have ventured out more frequently au naturel which is quite unlike me.  My foundation also goes on more smoothly.  I haven’t seen a reduction in wrinkles yet but I can see that this would happen with longer use.

It has added collagen, CoQ10 and Evening Primrose Oil to help with skin elasticity and hormonal balance and protect against the visible signs of ageing.

Simple’s Simple Repair Anti Wrinkle Creams RRP £7.99

9/10 & 7/10

From Alison at Dribble Buster.

I was delighted to be chosen to test the Simple range anti-wrinkle day cream and anti-wrinkle eye cream. My first impression was that it was nicely packaged and  good simple containers. I really liked the consistency of the eye cream, it feels light and smooth.

The day cream I felt was a bit sticky for my liking although I did  like it  on the back of my hands! I feel that the eye cream has probably helped the lines around my eyes but am  not sure about the day cream. I feel that I need to try for longer to assess the results properly.

The Simple creams contain iris, mushroom and seaweed extracts to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, refine and improve the tone and texture of skin, as well as reduce sensitivity and maintain the skin’s natural balance.  They also contain pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E.

RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturiser from Paula’s Choice RRP £22.50


From Keira at Mamascarf

First thoughts were that the packaging was nice (how shallow am I?), second thoughts were annoyance as I realised it didn’t have any UV protection in it (well I am the wrong side of 30 and it had been unusually sunny of late!). I used it day and night for several weeks. It was nice and light, was easily absorbed and was lightly fragranced. Did it make me look 21 again? In all honesty I didn’t see any difference to my skin but I think maybe I would need to use it over a longer period of time to really tell.

The formula is packed with ingredients that work to build and preserve collagen, prevent moisture loss, restore essential ingredients to protect skin’s barrier function, and reduce inflammation with potent antioxidants.

Palmers Olive Butter Formula range – RRP £1.79 – £5.86


From Alison at Baby Go Shop

I received the full range consisting of

Body Lotion
Body Lotion with SPF15
Cream Oil
Body Butter
Cream concentrate for Hands Knees Elbows and Feet

In summary, loved it!
It has a delicate fresh fragrance which lasts for a couple of hours without being heavy. The green colour could be a bit off putting I suppose but it didn’t worry me. The texture is light, even the body butter which I expected to be really greasy was easily absorbed. It claims to have anti-aging properties which should really be tested over a month to be able to tell any long term effects. Having said that, when I applied the lotion my skin definitely felt softer and more supple, especially using the cream oil was which leaves a slight sheen on the skin.
I was impressed by the lotion which had SPF15. I know that there are facial creams with SPF but I hadn’t noticed a body lotion with SPF before – so obvious really.

The concentrated cream for hands, knees, elbows and feet was fabulous. I hate having greasy hands after applying hand cream so I was surprised that a thick textured cream could be easily absorbed. And my heels have definitely benefited!

My least favourite of the range is the body butter but only because I really prefer a lighter lotion texture and my favourite is the cream oil because of the lovely sheen it leaves, reminds me of holidays.

Thank you very much for letting me try these products. The kids and I loved using them. When they arrived they wanted to test them too so we had great fun dabbing and rubbing and smoothing for, oh at least 10 minutes!  I think I’ve found a new favourite and I would definitely recommend the range to friends.

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford 5-piece 30-day Introductory Kit RRP £29.99


By Victoria Bond.

I really liked Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford; this anti ageing skin care range was effective and easy to use.

I really liked the cleanser, it was in an easy to use pump dispenser so no spills and it was non foaming which I like. It suggests using a face cloth to remove the product, I used a muslin cloth and found this gave me an extra clean feeling but without that awful tightness that some cleansers leave.

I tried out the face mask in the bath as this is the little bit of me time that I get. Once applied the mask has an instant tingling and tightening feeling I could almost feel the mask drawing out any impurities there may be in my skin. After fifteen minutes I removed the mask and I definitely think I looked more radiant and my skin appeared clearer!

I like that this system has separate night and day cream as the skin has different requirements during the day and night. The night cream is thicker and more luxurious which left my thirsty skin feeling sated, my only complaint being by morning my skin did feel a little dehydrated so it probably wasn’t quite rich enough for my skin.

The day cream is nice and light and provides a good base for make up, is easy to apply and just sinks into the skin. It’s a shame it has a low SPF (8) as I like to protect my skin with a high factor all year round, even winter light can cause damage to skin.

The eye cream which I applied twice daily (which is essential to anybody over twenty five as this is the area in which we start to show the first signs of ageing) was nice and light since anything too heavy can have the reverse effect and cause ageing.

I really liked the idea of a separate cream for the décolleté and neck these areas I sadly neglect. I moisturise my face but I forget about my chest and neck another hot spot for ageing, so this routine made me take notice and look after these delicate areas.

The last product in the kit was a bit of a life saver; the glowing serum definitely gave me an extra boost – I did get lots of compliments on a night out so it did the job!

Over all I think this is a really good skin care set it made me think about those areas that I so often neglect.  It doesn’t take up lots of time so is great for busy mums and if you are travelling its small, compact and easy to carry.

Ladies, if you have any great anti-ageing products to recommend, let me know!

This is a sponsored post.   We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.



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  1. The problem with supplements is that I always forget to take them. Like the sound of the Cindy Crawford range. I like the Anne Semonin serums. Very light, and really do seem to add a bit of lustre to skins looking anything but light-filled. I’m also a fan of Elemis eye cream. It’s rich, but I think does something. Not sure anything will eradicate all these sleep-deprived years, though. When my children ask me in the future what I’d like for my birthday, I’m going to reply ‘as many good nights’ sleep as my heart desires!’.

  2. Just three major anti-aging recommendations:
    1. use sunscreen or stay out of the sun completely
    2. drink loads of water
    3. get plenty of sleep
    Easy! Well 1 & 2 are easy and 3 depends on the kids mostly.

  3. […] Monday Review: Anti wrinkle and skin care round-up « Baby Genie I feel that the eye cream has probably helped the lines around my eyes but am not sure about the day cream I feel that I need to try for longer to assess the results properly. The Simple creams contain iris mushroom and seaweed . […]

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